All CTP gears and pinions are manufactured using the latest in measuring and 3D modeling equipment to ensure our CTP parts are manufactured to engineering specifications. We do in-house quality control every step of the way analyzing each batch of steel, forging batches, cutting process, heat treating and final testing to ensure our parts are interchangeable with the OE.

CTP Bevel Gears and Gear Sets are:

– 100% rolling tested against master gears to check for proper match, noise and any small imperfections that may have been created in handling or heat-treating.
– Quench pressed during heat treatment to minimize distortion and maximize close tolerances.

– Grounded with a machine that uses diamond honing to remove most of the distortion and imperfections created during heat treatment.
– Shot peening and micro finishing are used to relieve the stress created in the material of the gear during the forging, cutting and heat treating processes.


Part No. No. of Teeth Shaft/Pinion Machine
1P6265 49T 9P9000 D6D, 977L, D6E
1122255 51T N/A 631, 633
2G5768 58T 1095562 12G, 130G, 140G
2V2006 40T 1V9822 966C, 528
2V3687 38T 7V6790 980C
2V5881 40T 2V5608 518, 930
3V8777 40T 6W1629 613C, 950B,950E
4D3898 32T 2D3609 12E
4V5393 39T 4V5388 814B, 815B, 816B, 966D
5M7740 58T 9P9000 D6, D6C, 977, 977K
6D0687 32T N/A 12E, 12F, 120, 14E, 140
6K5625 47T 6K3674 920
6W2900 40T N/A D20D, D250D
8D1858 63T 8D2106 16G, 16H
8D2116 63T 1095979 14G, 14H
8D3669 46T 8D4335 621B
8D6491 53T 2G8872 120G
8E7860 29T 6Y5946 D8L, D9N, D9R, D10N, 589
8K6015 47T 6K2085 950, 613
8K9661 55T N/A D4D, 955L, 951C
8P1183 47T 8P1182 D5/E/B, 561C
8P6241 29T 3T2273 D8L, D9L, 590
8R8335 45T 9C8669 966F
Part No. No. of Teeth Shaft/Pinion Machine
8R9215 44T 1120742/9C5853 950F, 960F
8V3135 16T 8V3134 960, 966C
9C8205 40T 9C8204 815B, 816B, 966D, 966E
9C8219 46T 9C8218 815B, 816B, 966D
9C8277 38T 9C8276 980C, 980F
9H1918 49T N/A D8, D8H
9K3413 43T 4K6212 528, 814, 966C
9P1925 35T 9W5150 D6H, D7H, 578
9S9541 49T 9S9541 D6C, D6D special appl.
9V9833 49T 6W8267 992C, 992D

Gear Sets

Part No. Description Shaft/Pinion
1075608 GEAR SET 416C, 420D, 424D, 426C
1120739 GEAR SET 44:14 1T62G, 950G, 950H, 950, 962G
1189117 GEAR SET 416C/D, 420D, 426C, 428C/D, 432D,
436C, 438C/D, 442D, 446/B/D
9R2479 GEAR SET-BEVEL (10/35) 416, 426
9R5241 GEAR SET-BEVEL (9/37) D8H, 416, 426, 583H
9R9399 GEAR SET-BEVEL (10/31) 416B, 426B, 428B, 436B, 438B
9R9444 GEAR SET BEVEL (11/43) 416, 416B, 426B, 428B
9R9445 GEAR SET BEVEL (15/31) 416B, 426B, 428B, 436B, 438B

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only