CTP is proud to introduce the new line of CTP Liners with
Uniform Cross-Hatch Pattern.
After extensive testing on the field and in the lab, CTP Liners are
proven to withstand and surpass industry standards,
resulting in a durable long lasting liner.
Some of the key features and benefits of
CTP Liners are:
Induction hardened gray »» cast iron ensures
reliability in the harsh environment of the engine
»» Uniform Cross hatch pattern provides
enhanced surface durability and part lifespan.
»» Roll burnished flange to increase strength
and durability.
»»Anti-corrosive coating on exterior wall protects
the liner and extends shelf life.
»» New packaging built with extra padding
protects the delivery of the liners from our
warehouse to your hands.

CTP Liners at a microstructural level:
A: Example of CTP liner microstructure.
Graphite flakes scattered in Iron Matrix
(orange) are evenly Distributed, not
oriented in random directions.
B: Example of a poor liner microstructure.
Microstructures with very small or very
large flakes will not be ideal and will likely
cause cracks to form in the material.

C: Example of CTP liner uniform cross
hatch pattern.
D: Example of poor and random cross
hatch pattern
Uniform Cross Hatch pattern CTP Liners:

Part No. Engine
1105800 3304, 3306
1111815 3054
1238206 3508, 3512, 3516
1260739 D343
1326881 3406E, C16
1482125 C10, C12
1903562 C9
1979322 3400
1979330 C11, C12, C13
2117826 3508, 3012, 3016
1W8311 4.236, 3054
6I0164 416B, 3054
7C3182 426, D4
8N5676 D339, D342, D364
8N9174 D353, D379, D398
8S2240 D330, D333