At CTP we design and manufacture gaskets from
materials that are engineered to withstand the high
pressures and temperatures of today’s diesel engines.
As an engine gasket supplier we are an Interface
Solutions Inc. Certified Partner. Our Gaskets provide
component integration, resulting in durability and
reliability, with the quality and value CTP customers
have come to expect.


Gaskets are produced from 100% solvent free, environmentally friendlly, asbestos free materials. All materials are treated with an anti-stick coating on both sides to better protect the gasket and the machine itself.

Material Gasket Type Material Application Maximum Short Duration Temperatures
NCA-45 Cork Gasket Cork/synthetic rubber blend Medium Oil resistance of most Sealing application:
• Valve Covers
• Oil Pans
• Transmission Pans
up to 200°C (392°F)
CMP-4000 Paper Gasket Compressed MicroPore material, combining a unique synthetic fiber matrix and fully cured Nitrile Butadiene rubber binder Excellent seability and torque retention properties for OEM and Industrial Applications. up to 350°C (650°F)
HFL-171 Paper Gasket Fully cured Nitrile Butadiene rubber binder Heavy-duty and Industrial Applications:
• Diesel engine
• Transmission
• Refrigeration
• Piping
up to 290°C (550°F)
HFL-781 Paper Gasket Controlled swell gasket material with Styrene Butadiene and natural rubber binders Heavy-duty oil sealing Applications:
Diesel engine Oil pans Front covers
up to 290°C (550°F)
M5201 Paper Gasket High-density material with fully cured Nitrile Butadiene rubber binder Heavy-duty Diesel engine Applications:
• Oil resistance
• Fuel resistance
up to 290°C (550°F)
MP-15 Paper Gasket MicroPore with a Nitrile Butadi- ene binder Excellent low flange pressure seability and bolt torque reten- tion for heavy-duty applications:
• Compressors
• Diesel engines
• Others
up to 205°C (400°F)
N-8092 Paper Gasket Reinforced Cellulose with Nitrile binder Excellent crush resistance at high flange pressure for small Engine and Compressor Applications:
• Oil
• Fuel
• Water
up to 180°C (350°F)
Material Gasket Type Material Application Maximum Short Duration Temperatures
PF-4S Paper Gasket Synthetic fibers, advanced fill- ers and Nitrile Butadiene bind- ers Various Oil, Air, and Coolant Applications:
• Oil pans
• Front covers
• Intake manifolds
• Rear seals
up to 290°C (550°F)
RN8011 Paper Gasket Low density Cellulose fiber ma- terial with high rubber filler content and Nitrile Butadiene rubber binder Excellent sealing at low flange pressures for Oil and Water Applications:
• Engine
• Transmission pan gaskets
• Water pumps
• Environmental seals
up to 180°C (350°F)
S-8091 Paper Gasket Latent cure Styrene Butadiene bound material with reinforced Cellulose fiber Excellent sealing for:
• Oil
• Fuel
• Low-pressure Steam
up to 180°C (350°F)
TS-9016 Paper Gasket Fully cured Styrene Butadiene rubber binder and a blend of Ar- amid and Cellulose fibers Oil and Water Applications up to 290°C (550°F)
VB-72 Paper Gasket MicroPore with a Nitrile Butadi- ene binder Heavy-duty applications:
• Valve body
• Applications with high fluid
pressures and flow rates exposure
• Erosion Resistance
up to 290°C (550°F)
EMC-7201 Metal Gasket Composite structure of high- density, fully cured Nitrile Butadiene bound gasket facings chemically and mechanically fused to an expanded steel core High performance Diesel engine structural joint applications:
• Gear case
• Flywheel housings
• High pressure hydraulic joints
HTX-900 7% Metal Gasket Graphite-coated, high tempera- ture facing material chemically and mechanically fused to an expanded steel core High strenght, thermal integrity, and anti-stick performance sealing applications:
• Exhaust manifolds
• Header
• Collector
• EGR system gaskets
ML6 Metal Gasket Non-asbestos Cellulose fiber combined with Nitrile latex and thermosetting resins High Performance, non-extruding metal support sealing application:
• Intake manifolds
• Transmission
• Braking system
• Industrial Applications
up to 205°C (400°F)

ABC Gaskets Kits

The ABC Gasket Kit Program is designed to consolidate gasket kits and make it easier for the parts person to order and for the rebuilders himself to quickly identify and organize their seals and gaskets. At the same time, they can be
assured that everything they need is included for each particular rebuild.
Kits are packed into sub kits (Front set, rear set, lower set, etc.) inside the gasket kit for easy identification.

The ABC Gasket Kit Program offers you the
1. Find everything in 1 box instead of 10 boxes.
2. Kits are divided and labeled into sub-kits inside the
gasket kit box for easy identification.
3. Less shipping cost. (1 box instead of 10 boxes).
4. Less warehouse space (1 box compared to 10
5. Faster inventory turnover.
6. More machine coverage with lower investment in in
ventory. (Each special kit covers a wide range of
serial numbers)
7. Simplified part numbers are included in a kit for a
particular rebuilt (inframe, out of frame or a head set)
You won’t have to worry that anything is missing.

How to choose from the different sets of kits:
A = Out of Frame Overhaul Set
B = Inframe Overhaul Set
C = Multiple Cylinder Head Replacement Set
Other options are identified with the letters D or E.
The part numbers are designated as follows:
CTP + engine number + Consecutive Number + ABC
(D or E suffix if available).