1M7250 – Body-Precleaners-As

1M7250 – Body-Precleaners-As

1M7250 Body-Precleaners-As – Reliable Pre-Cleaner for Engine Protection

The 1M7250 Body-Precleaners-As is a vital component designed to safeguard your diesel engine from harmful debris and contaminants. Engineered for durability and efficiency, this pre-cleaner efficiently removes dust and particulates before they reach the primary air filter, ensuring cleaner air intake and enhancing engine performance.

Key Features:

  • Effective Debris Removal: The 1M7250 Body-Precleaners-As efficiently removes dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the inlet air, preventing them from reaching the engine’s primary air filter. This helps maintain optimal air quality and protects engine components.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this pre-cleaner is built to withstand harsh environments and rigorous use, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliable performance.
  • Improved Engine Performance: By providing cleaner air intake, the 1M7250 Body-Precleaners-As contributes to improved engine performance, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability, resulting in smoother operation and reduced maintenance needs.
  • Extended Filter Life: The use of a pre-cleaner extends the life of your engine’s primary air filter by reducing the amount of debris that enters it, thereby minimizing filter clogging and maintenance requirements.
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Benefits of the 1M7250 Body-Precleaners-As:

  • Enhanced Engine Protection: Protect your engine from premature wear and damage caused by airborne contaminants, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  • Reduced Maintenance: With fewer contaminants reaching the primary air filter, maintenance intervals are extended, saving time and reducing overall maintenance costs.
  • Suitable for Harsh Environments: Ideal for use in harsh environments such as construction sites, agricultural fields, and off-road applications, where airborne debris is prevalent.
  • Easy Installation: Featuring a user-friendly design, the 1M7250 Body-Precleaners-As is easy to install and compatible with a wide range of diesel engine models.

Upgrade your engine’s protection with the 1M7250 Body-Precleaners-As. Experience cleaner air intake, improved engine performance, and reduced maintenance needs with this reliable pre-cleaner.



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