CTP Stators –

Part No. Description Machine Application
1480885 STATOR 773B/D, 775D
1T0538 STATOR A 924F, 926
1T0708 STATOR 637, 977K/L, 980, 983
1T1331 STATOR 814, 815, 950F, 960F
1T1397 STATOR 926,  D3C,  D5C
1T1701 STATOR 518, 814, 944
1T1713 STATOR 518, 518C
1T1729 STATOR A 938F/G, D5N,
1T1804 STATOR A IT28G,  924F,  928G
1T1981 STATOR A D4H, 517, 518
1T1991 STATOR A 518, 561H, 613C
1T2052 STATOR A D6H,  D7F,  D8N
6Y1090 STATOR 966F, 970F, 972H
6Y3151 STATOR 950G, 962H
7T4753 STATOR 527, D5H
7T7678 STATOR D9, D10R
8E3726 STATOR 992C, 988F, 836
8P9266 STATOR D8L, D9L, D10N
9P9517 STATOR 966D,  966E,  966F
9W4702 STATOR 980C, 980G, 980K, 988B

Torque Converters are an essential part of your automatic transmission. They not only allow your vehicle to come to a complete stop without stalling the engine, but also provide more torque when accelerating out of a stop, ultimately, giving you more control over your machine’s movements. Stators are located at the center of the Torque Converter. They redirect the fluid returning from the turbine before it hits the pump again, increasing the efficiency of the Torque Converter.

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only