Core As-Aftercoolers

CTP aftercooler units efficiently cool compressed air before it enters the engine’s cylinders. This cooling process increases air density, allowing for more effective fuel combustion. As a result, engine power and performance are enhanced. CTP’s aftercoolers are engineered to consistently deliver cooling efficiency, contributing to the overall reliability and longevity of engines across various applications.

Featured Products

Hydraulic Valves for Komatsu®

CTP Hydraulic valves for Komatsu® equipment deliver precision and reliability, meeting heavy-duty demands with efficiency. Crafted from top-grade materials, they ensure durability and longevity in challenging environments. These valves optimize Komatsu® machinery performance, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Flywheel Assemblies & Ring Gears

CTP Diesel engine Flywheels are vital components in engine refurbishment, providing reliable performance and restoring functionality to aging or damaged diesel powertrains. Engineered to meet OEM specifications, these flywheels ensure precise fitment and compatibility with a range of diesel engine models, facilitating smooth power transmission and enhancing overall engine efficiency.

Skid Steer Pins & Bushings

Pins and bushings are pivotal for the functionality of skid steers, facilitating smooth and precise movement. CTP Pins are engineered with durability and precision, they withstand intense stress and friction, guaranteeing consistent performance in challenging environments.

New Parts


Part No. 4448501

For: 980M, 982M

Part No. 1225176

For: 320 L, 320N

Part No. 6204-K1-9901

For: 4D95L, 4D95LE, S4D95LE
VALVE ASSY. for Komatsu®

Part No. 20Y-60-31212

For: BP500, BR300S, PC200, PC200LL, PC200SC, PC210, PC220, PC220LL, PC228, PC228US, PC230, PC308

Is an aftercooler an intercooler? They are essentially the same device commonly referred to as a charge air cooler, serving the same purpose. However, their distinction lies in their placement relative to the turbocharger. A genuine intercooler sits between the primary and secondary turbochargers… read more

CTP Steel Toe Boots

Introducing the CTP Steel-Toe Boots! You asked we answered, our all-new work boots have arrived. Built with the toughness of a work boot but styled and made with comfort, our all new boot is now available. Our new boot comes complete with: Steel Toe and a Slip Resistant Sole.


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