C-Series Cylinder Head Bolt Kits

Torque-to-yield cylinder head bolts are vital for engine integrity, designed to undergo controlled elastic deformation during torquing for a secure clamping force. This ensures a proper seal, preventing leaks and optimizing combustion efficiency. However, reusing these bolts poses a significant risk of engine failure as their single-use design ensures proper tension and structural integrity.

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For optimal engine performance look no further than CTP Turbochargers. Our Turbochargers produce more power and provide significant improvements in your engine’s efficiency.

Radiator Cooling Fans for Komatsu®

Prolong the life of your engine; keep it running cooler and more efficiently with CTP Radiator Cooling Fans for Komatsu®.

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Our inventory includes a range of engine covers, catering to both popular and highly sought-after covers. Whether you’re dealing with worn-out used options or facing the expense of new ones, CTP has got your needs covered.

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Part No. 6E1244

For: 844, 844H, 844K, 990, 990 II, 990H, 990K

Part No. 1932781

For: 330C, 330C L, C-9

Part No. 4921475

For: 330D2, 330D2 L, 326D2 / SERIAL; HM4, LJE, EX7, FEX, XDR, RCK

Part No. 600-813-9312

For: 6D125E, S6D125E, SA6D125E, SA6D140, SA6D140E, SAA6D125E
All C-Series engines require that the used head bolts be discarded and replaced with new head bolts every time there is a repair. Used TTY (Torque-To-Yield) head bolts will snap in the process of re-torqueing the cylinder head… read more

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