Radiator Cooling Fans for Komatsu®

Radiator Cooling Fans for Komatsu®

Discover the perfect blend of strength and efficiency with our
CTP Cooling Fans – available in both metal and composite.

Steel Fans – The robust steel construction ensures minimal blade deflection, delivering the ideal air volume and flow at any RPM. Many of our Metal Fans feature riveted construction for enhanced service life, boasting fewer welded components. Plus, all metal fans come pre-balanced for a smoother, vibration-free experience.

Composite – Metal & Nylon Composite fans are less than half the weight of their steel counterparts, these fans alleviate stress on mechanical drive systems. This not only helps prevent failures but also ensures minimal downtime. Thanks to the intelligent blade design of composite fans, airflow is optimized, making them highly efficient and requiring less energy. As a bonus, Nylon fans are rust-proof and operate quieter. CTP Cooling Fans offer a cooling experience that not only delivers power but also ensures unwavering reliability!

wdt_ID Part No. Description Application
1 600-625-7620 FAN  PC1100, PC1100SE, PC1100SP, PC1250, PC1250SE, PC1250SP, PC200, PC200EL, PC200EN, PC200LL, PC200Z, PC210, PC220, PC220LL, PC230NHD, PC240, PC250, PC270, PC290, PW180, S6D102E, SAA4D107E, SAA6D102E, SAA
2 600-635-7870 FAN, COOLING PC300, PC300HD, PC340, PC350, PC350HD, PC360, PC390, PC390LL, PC400, PW400MH, SAA6D114E, SAA6D125E
3 600-625-7550 FAN, COOLING HM400, PC118MR, PC160, PC180, PW118MR, PW130, PW130ES, PW140, PW148, PW160, S4D102E, S4D95L, S6D95L, SAA4D102E, SAA4D107E, SAA4D95LE, SAA4D95LE_5A
4 600-633-0851 FAN, COOLING 6D125, 6D125E, S6D125, S6D140E, SA6D110
5 600-633-0710 FAN  6D105, 6D125, DCA, KT, NH, NTO, S6D105, S6D108, S6D170, SA6D102E, WA1200, WA320, WA800, WA900, WD900
6 600-623-8580 FAN, COOLING D41E, D41E6T, D41P, S6D102E, SAA4D102E, SAA6D102E
7 600-633-0801 FAN, COOLING DCA, EGS300, S6D125, S6D140, SA6D125E, WA1200
8 600-635-5870 FAN  HM300, PC300LL, PC350LL, PC400, PC450, SAA6D114E, SAA6D125E
9 600-623-6580 FAN  4D102E, 4D105, 6D95L, S4D102E, S4D95LE, S6D102E, S6D95L

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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