ABC Gasket Kits Program

ABC Gasket Kits

The ABC gasket kit program contains all the gasket and seal kits needed for your engine rebuild.

CTP has added more gasket kits to its ABC program. Our ABC booklet has been updated to show the latest developments covering more engine arrangements than before. Check out our new booklet.


The ABC Gasket kit Program is designed to consolidate, identify and organize all the seals and gaskets needed to complete a particular engine repair. Kits are packed into sub kits (Front set, rear set, lower set, etc.) inside the gasket kit for easy identification.

























Feel free to search our online store for quotes on the perfect CTP ABC Gaskit Kit for your application:

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What is CTP’s ABC Gasket program about?

The ABC Gasket Kit program is designed to consolidate gasket kits and make it easier for the parts person to order and for the rebuilder himself to quickly identify and organize their seals and gaskets. At the same time, they can be assured that everything they need is included for each particular rebuild. Kits are packaged into sub kits (front set, rear set, lower set, etc.) inside the gasket kit box for easy identification.

How to choose from the different sets of kits:

Why buy CTP’s ABC Gasket Kits?

Everyone likes to keep things simple and organized. We can help you do that while offering you the reliablity and premium quality that comes with every CTP product.

Ordering gaskets is as simple as A, B, C!

Our most popular and most complete gasket kit is the “A” set, this is an out-of-frame gasket set. This set includes all the gaskets required to assemble the complete engine. The second option is the “B” set, this is an in-frame overhaul set. This set includes all the required gaskets to overhaul an engine, while still in the equipment (in-frame). This set does not contain the rear or front structure gaskets; sections of the engine which are not disassembled during an in-frame overhaul. And lastly our “C” set, this is a cylinder head replacement gasket set. It contains all the gaskets and seals required to install a single cylinder head. Some engines are designed with multiple cylinder heads, e.g. a 3412 uses two (3406) cylinder heads, this engine will require two gasket sets. By consolidating all the gaskets required in an engine overhaul, we have virtually eliminated any guess work and uncertainty when ordering gaskets. In fact, many of our existing customers have already seen the benefits of using our ABC gaskets simplified ordering system. We try to give you “the customer” and your customers the best experience they have been asking for in order for your business to thrive. You know that by helping you, and giving you as much information we hope to gain your loyalty and trust. You will be sure that the accuracy of your gasket kit orders and sales will both increase, while your costs decrease!

CTP has changed the way you order gaskets!

At CTP we value our customers time. We have created a product that simplifies ordering and saves time for those customers /establishments who want to increase their sales while also decreasing costs and improving profit margins. Simplifying ordering has added advantages to your operation. This is especially true being a CTP customer, when you can control your costs and have the convenience of entering orders 24/7/365 without requiring any assistance. In the past when ordering gaskets, you needed to identify which sets and subsets were needed in order to complete a gasket set for an engine overhaul. For a typical engine overhaul, multiple individual OE kits or sub sets are required , these must be identified and ordered separately. Our ABC Gasket program eliminates the headache involved in ordering gaskets.

The ABC Gasket Kit Program offers you the following:

  • 1 box inslead of 10 boxes.
  • Kits are divided and labeled into sub-kits inside a gasket kit box for easy identification
  • Less shipping costs. (1 box compared to 10 boxes)
  • More machine coverage with lower investment in inventory, (Lach special kit covers a wide range of senal numbers)
  • Simplified part number system, A=, B=, C=
  • Less storage space. (1 box compared to 10 boxes)
  • Faster inventory tumover.
  • All necessary seals and gaskets are included in a kil lor a par ucular rebuild (inliame, oul ol frame or a head set You won’t have to worry that anything is missing.
All seals and gaskets are included. All necessary seals and gaskets are included in a kit for a particular rebuild (inframe, out of frame or a head set). You won’t have to worry that anything is missing.

Gasket Materials

All materials are treated with an anti-stick coating on both sides to better protect the gasket and the machine itself.

New CTP Branded Gasket Materials

Our gasket material has received a fresh upgrade and is now CTP Branded! We’ve partnered with Interface to bring you a new look to our #MadeIntheUSA gaskets. It’s the same quality you’ve come to know and trust with the CTP Stamp of Approval!

Gasket Kit Assemblies

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