ABC Gaskets Kits

CTP has added more gasket kits to it ABC program. Our ABC booklet has been updated to show the latest developments covering more engine arrangements than before. Check out our new booklet.

The ABC Gasket kit Program is designed to consolidate, identify and organize all the seals and gaskets needed to complete a particular engine repair. Kits are packed into sub kits (Front set, rear set, lower set, etc.) inside the gasket kit for easy identification.

How to choose from the different sets of kits:

A = Out of Frame Overhaul Set
B = Inframe Overhaul Set
C = Cylinder Head Replacement Set (Single / Multiple)

Other options are identified with the letters D or E. The part numbers are designated as follows:
CTP + engine number + Consecutive Number + ABC (D or E suffix if available).

What’s new?

Now we cover more engines and more arrangement numbers. We have developed brand new Gasket Kits for the following engines:

✓ C7      ✓ C18     ✓ 3308
✓ C9     ✓ 3116     ✓ 3412
✓ C9.3  ✓ 3126    ✓ 3456
✓ C11    ✓ 3306    ✓ D353
✓ C13    ✓ 3406

We have also included Cylinder Torque Specifications for the most popular applications to make your repair happen.

How can you find the ABC Gasket Kit you need?

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