CTP Dampers –
Vibration dampers are in charge of reducing the torsional vibrations originated from the crankshaft as the engine turns it. This vibration is unwanted as it causes excessive stress on the crankshaft, resulting on its breakage, which in time will also affect the engine itself. CTP vibration dampers will keep the crankshaft rotating smoothly eliminating the risk of
failures of your engine.
Dampers will help reduce:
– Premature bearing wear
– Gear wear
– Crankshaft wear

Part No. Engine  Model  /  Application
1678123 3306B, 3306C
1678126 C15
1M7708 1673
2036088 3116, 3126
2831099 C7, C9
4W2446 3306, 330BL
4W8089 3406, 3408, 769B
5M7579 N/A
7N9312 3306, D6C, D7F