Engine Gears

Engine Gears

CTP Engine Gears are built from high grade steel and fabricated to the highest standards. They perform under the most demanding applications and environments, including marine, industrial and off-highway applications. Gears on diesel engines are used to synchronize the crankshaft and camshaft, and on some applications the fuel injection pump. In addition, diesel engines utilize various gears to transfer motion to other components such as water pumps, power take offs, hydraulic pumps and flywheel ring gears for engine starting.

wdt_ID Part No. Description No. Teeth Application Equipment
1 7S6773 GEAR 36 AIR COMPRESSOR 518, 627, 920, 930, 950, 966C, 980B, D7F
2 7C3179 GEAR  50 AIR COMPRESSOR GP 120H, 120H ES, 120H NA, 120K, 120K 2, 12K, 135H, 135H NA, 140K, 140K 2, 160K, 3114, 3116, 3126, 3126B, 3126E, 550, 570, 570B, 580, 580B, 613C II, 815B, 938G, 950F, 950F II, 950G, 962G, C-9, C7, C9
3 1P1721 GEAR-BALANCE 20 BALANCE SHAFT 3304, G3304
4 1P1722 GEAR-BALANCE 20 BALANCE SHAFT 3304, G3304
6 1013374 GEAR  86 CAMSHAFT GP 24H, 3408, 3408B, 3408C, 3408E, 3412, 3412C, 3412D, 3412E, 5110B, 589, 631D, 631E, 631G, 633E II, 637E, 637G, 651E, 657E, 69D, 769C, 769D, 771C, 771D, 773B, 773D, 773E, 773F, 773G, 773G LRC, 773G
7 7W4070 GEAR  100 CAMSHAFT GP 120H, 120H ES, 120H NA, 135H, 135H NA, 205B, 214B, 3114, 3116, 3126, 320 L, 320B, 322B L, 322B LN, 322C, 322C FM, 325, 325B, 325B L, 35, 446B, 45, 525B, 533, 535B, 539, 543, 55, 550, 561M, 570, 574
8 8N8254 GEAR-CAMSHAFT 64 CAMSHAFT GP 16G, 16H NA, 245, 245D, 3406, 3406B, 3406C, 375, 375 L, 5080, 578, 583R, 587R, 621E, 621F, 623E, 623F, 627B, 627E, 627F, 814B, 824C, 824G, 825G, 826C, 826G, 980C, 980F, 980G, D350E, D400E, D8N, D8R
9 1W9302 GEAR-CRANKSHAFT 80 CRANKSHAFT 16G, 16H NA, 245, 245B, 3406, 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, 3456, 375, 375 L, 385B, 5080, 5090B, 578, 583R, 587R, 621, 621E, 621F, 621G, 623E, 623F, 623G, 627B, 627E, 627F, 627G, 657B, 814B, 824C, 824G, 825G
10 1W9812 GEAR 40 CRANKSHAFT AS 120G, 130G, 140G, 160G, 1673C, 215, 235, 3204, 3304, 3304B, 3306, 3306B, 615C, 815B, 916, 926, 931B, 943, 953, D4HTSK II, D5H, D6D, D7F, G3304, G3306

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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