Engine Valves for Komatsu®

Engine Valves for Komatsu®

CTP Engine Valves for Komatsu® are precision-engineered components designed to deliver optimal performance and durability in demanding operating conditions. Crafted with high-quality steel alloys and advanced manufacturing processes, these valves ensure perfect sealing for efficient combustion, maximizing engine power and fuel efficiency. Engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications, CTP Engine valves undergo rigorous testing to guarantee reliability and longevity, offering peace of mind to Komatsu® equipment owners. Whether for heavy-duty construction, mining, or industrial applications, CTP Engine valves provide the durability and performance necessary to keep Komatsu® engines running smoothly and reliably.

wdt_ID Part No. Description Engine Application
1 6204-41-4210 EXHAUST 3D95S, 4D95L, 4D95LE, 4D95S, 6D95L
2 6207-41-4110 INTAKE 3D95S, 4D95L, 4D95LE, 4D95S, 6D95L
3 6736-41-4210 EXHAUST 4D102E, 6D102, 6D102E, S4D102E, S6D102E, SAA6D102E
4 6736-41-4110 INTAKE 4D102E, 6D102, 6D102E, S4D102E, S6D102E, SAA6D102E
5 6136-41-4110 INTAKE 4D105, 6D105, S4D105, S6D105
6 6136-42-4110 INTAKE 4D105, 6D105, S4D105, S6D105
7 6110-43-4210 EXHAUST 4D120, S4D120
8 6110-43-4110 INTAKE 4D120, S4D120
9 6150-41-4210 EXHAUST 6D125
10 6150-41-4111 INTAKE 6D125, S6D125

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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