CTP hydraulic motors offer reliability and performance at the toughest work environments.

Hydraulic Fan Motors

CTP Hydraulic Fan Motors are reliable even in the most extreme working conditions.

✓ Allow the fan speed to be independent from the engine speed. Integral valving in the motor maintains the speed at
an optimum rate for proper cooling of the hydraulic oil.
✓ Control coolant temperature
✓ Provide cooling control of hydraulic fan drives and idles the fan to avoid excess power consumption and offer fuel savings.

Application Part No.
D6R,  D6H,  D7R 1597156
330C 1915611
824G,  825G,  980G 1292413
824G,  966H,  972G/H,  980G 1618919
330D 2344638
D10T 2124977
793D, 795F, 994K 2407790
980H 2556805
365C 2254613
330D, 345B 1559107
332C,325C 1799778

Hydraulic Drive Motors for Caterpillar®
Skid Loaders:

Part No. Application
2807856 236 246 252 262
2807854 216 226 232 242
2807858 236B 248B

*Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
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