Part No.Machine Model
1198748120G, 130G, 926, 950B
2223769140K, 120H, 160H
119875714G, 14G
119876014G, 14G
1186796416B, 426B, 436
1630059416C, 420D, 426
1232374416C, 426C, 436
2477868416E, 420E, 430E
1427539426C, 438C
1427549426C, 436C, 426
1247800621F, 621S, 623
1198767814B-F, 815B-F
1198763836, 988B, 988F
1198749910, G910, IT12
1198758926, 936, G926
1198474928F, 928G, IT2
6C0570936F, 950F, 966
2304175938F, 938G, 938, 3126B
1198747988B, 992C, 988
2741512CP-533E, CS-533E
1285532D20D, D250E, D3
1285532D20D, D250E, D3

Hydraulic Steering Control Units –
The hydraulic steering control units play an important roll in the operator’s comfort.
At CTP we ensure our steering units deliver perfect control in all kinds of driving conditions. They provide reliable performance and light responsiveness.
Some of the advantages of the hydraulic steering control units are:
– Minimize steering cost by reducing the steering linkage.
– Provide better comfort to the operator because there is no load reaction on the
steering wheel.
– Offer continuous operation with low input torque.
– Provide a wide selection of control circuits and meter sizes.