O-Rings and Seals for Komatsu®

O-Rings & Seals for Komatsu®

Komatsu® O-Rings and seals, explicitly designed for Komatsu® equipment, provide superior performance and fit. The O-Ring is one of the most essential components of a hydraulic system; by providing the flexible yet impermeable barrier needed to prevent leaks, corrosion and wear.

wdt_ID Part No. Application Equipment
1 421-22-31771 FRONT AXLE, DIFFERENTIAL WA430, WA470, WA480, WA500
2 566-09-31161 FRONT AXLE, FINAL DRIVE HD325, HD405, WA500, WA600, WD600
3 423-22-22461 FRONT AXLE, FINAL DRIVE GD755, GH320, HM250, HM300, HM300TN, WA350, WA380, WA380Z, WA430
4 17A-50-11140 SUSPENSION, PIVOT SHAFT D155A, D155AX, D85EX, D85MS, D85PX
6 209-72-11311 BOOM, BOOM AND BUSHING PC1250, PC1250SP, PC2000
7 287-33-11160 REAR AXLE, FINAL DRIVE, BRAKE AFP49, HD1500, HD465, HD605, WA700, WS23S
8 205-30-71171 TRACK FRAME PC220, PC240, PC290, PC300, PC350, PC400, PC450
9 708-1W-42130 HYDRAULIC PUMP, COOLING FAN DRIVE PIPING, FAN PUMP D155AX, D275A, D275AX, D375A, D61EX, D61EXI, D61PX, D61PXI, GD555, GD655, GD675, HM300, HM400, PC600, PC650, PC700, PC800, PC800SE, PC850, PC850SE, WA270, WA320, WA380
10 232-25-51170 REAR AXLE GD505A, GD521A, GD525A, GD555, GD600R, GD605A, GD623A, GD625A, GD655, GD655A, GD663A, GD675, GD705A, GD725A, GD755, GD805A, GD825A, GH320

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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