CTP Piston Pins are carefully developed through extensive research and precision work with a smoother surface allowing equal hardness on all sides of the piston pins.

Pin Part No.Retainer Part No.Piston Part No.Engine
9471345I76675I75373064, 3066
10297967E117711750633406C, 3406E
13885068N72967C2431, 9Y41243508, 3512, 3516, 785, G3508, G3508B, G3512, G3512B, G3512E, G3516, G3516B, G3516C, G3516E, G3520B, G3520C, G3520E
13885078N7296CROWN=1338383, SKIRT=12527823508, 3508B, 3508C, 3512, 3512B, 3516, 3516B
154087315408742973080, 27069683013, 3013C, 3014, 3024, 3024C, C1.1, C1.5, C2.2
16636487X29081889141, 1979302, 1979385, CROWN=1979297 SKIRT=1580451,2382736C7, C9
16872247C01111777500, 2123659, 23826983126B, 3126E
16872267C01111077614,  1443445,  13935303126, 3126B, 3126E
16872467E11771010016, CROWN=1684540, SKIRT=1300241 CROWN=1807352, SKIRT=13266633406B, 3406C, 3406E, 3456
17301487E56651928809, 19222093408E, 3412E
19792511138999 (PLUG)CROWN=1442948, SKIRT=2382712C-12, C12
19793356I27201323203, CROWN=1337098 SKIRT=23827103176B, 3176C, C-10
197937119793722382720C7, C9.3
234481525787381070984, 1078255, 1078256, 1283295, 12829523044C, 3046
263895525312382780247,  3145005, 28206443508, 3508B, 3508C, 3512, 3512B, 3512C, 3516, 3516B, 3516C
4M54894F70218H2000D315, D318, D318G, D315G, D318, D315
7C01157C01111014495, 1051710,1077563, 1154124, 7C5668,7E3428, 4P29903114, 3116
7C39017C0111CROWN =1077545, 1051720) SKIRT = 23827163114, 3116
7N98038N72942W4831, 2W8410, 2W8411, 2W8412, 6N4221, 7E4729,  9L7737, 9L7737-3, 9L9317, 9L93181140, 1145, 1150, 3204, 3208
7N98049H3068 , 9H40152M5558, 8N3180, 8N3182, 8N31843304, 3306, G3304, G3304B, G3306, G3306B, D330C, D333C, 3300, D334
7N98051S9543 , 9H4015, 25312381073565,  1290358,  1548087,  1646560,  1654262, 1684531, 9N5403, 9N5250, 5S2886, 2M5558, 1338383/14407203304, 3306
7N98063F8513, 7E56656N4080, 7N3511, 9N2874D343, 1693, 3406, 3408, 3412
7N98077E56656N4126,  7N3509,  7N36333406, 3408, 3412
7N98083F85138N0931D343, D346, D348, D349
7N98097M49267N1366D339, D342, 364, D375, D386, D397
7N98107M49267N4515, 7N5036D353, D379, D398, D399
7N98368N72942W84143204, 3208
8N16087E56651168154, 1601131, 7E0539, 7E8700, 9Y4004, 9Y3116, 9Y7212, 9Y98893406B, 3406C, 3408, 3412

Piston Pins for Komatsu®

Pin Part No.Retainer Part No.Piston Part No.Engine
6127-31-24106120-31-21206127-31-2140S4D155, S6D155, SA6D155
6136-31-241004065-040186128-31-2113, 6125-31-21504D105, 6D105
6138-31-241004065-040186138-32-2320S6D110, SA6D110
6150-31-241004065-048186150-31-21126D125, 6D125E
6151-31-241004065-048186251-31-2510D87E, D87P, DCA, EGS240, EGS300, EGS360,380, HM300, PC400, PC450, PC490, PW400MH, S6D125, S6D125E, SA6D125, SA6D125E, SAA6D125E, WA470
6162-33-24106162-33-24206162-33-2140EGS650, S6D170, SA12V170, SA6D170, SA8V170, WA600
6204-31-241004065-030126201-32-21213D95S, 4D95L, 4D95LE, 4D95S, 6D95L
6207-31-242004065-030126271-31-2110PC118MR, PC200, PC210, PC220, PC250, PC88MR, PW118MR, PW98MR, S4D95L, S6D95L, SA6D95L, SAA4D95LE, SAA4D95LE_5A, SAA6D95LE, WA100M, WA150PZ, WA90
6211-31-241004065-052206261-31-2130330M, 6D140, DCA, EGS1000, EGS1050, EGS1200, EGS500, EGS570, EGS630, HD785, HM350, HM400, S6D140, S6D140E, SA12V140, SA6D140, SA6D140E, SAA12V140E, SAA6D140E
6221-31-241004065-045186221-33-2110EGS160, EGS190, PC300, S6D108, S6D108E, SA6D108, SA6D108E, SAA6D108E, WA380
6742-01-54746742-01-53091304 902 H91850B, 870B, D61EX, D61PX, Engine, GD650A, PC300, PC300HD, PC360, S6D114E, SA6D114E, SAA6D114E, WA380, WA420, WA430
6754-31-24106732-31-24206754-31-2110D51EX/A1:D44PX, PC200, PC200LL, PC220, PC220LL, PC240, PC270, PC290, PW180, PW200, PW220, SAA4D107E, SAA6D107E, WA200, WA200PZ, WA250, WA250PZ, WA320, WA320PZ, WA380

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only. Komatsu® is the registered trademark of Komatsu Ltd.