Metal Cooling Fans

CTP Metal Fans offer the advantage of rigidity and strength. The rigid nature of steel allows for less deflection of the blades thus achieving the desired air volume and flow at any given RPM. Many CTP Metal Fans feature riveted construction with little or no welded components to increase service life. All metal fans are pre-balanced for less vibration.

Composite Cooling Fans (metal & nylon)

Our heavy-duty composite nylon fans are less than half the weight of steel and this reduces wear on mechanical drive systems and water pumps, eliminating failures and resulting down time. A composite fan can be more efficient than steel due to the blade design being optimized for air flow. Therefore, a composite fan can produce more air movement with less energy. Composite fans are impervious to rust and run quieter than a metal fan.

Reversible Metal Cooling Fans

A reversible fan allows for reverse airflow for radiator cleaning, this contributes to optimal cooling and extended vehicle life in high-dust environments. A clean radiator means a cooler more efficient engine, reduced maintenance, less downtime and increases the overall efficiency of the equipment.



11884588SPIDER AS-FAN572R II, D7R, D7R II, D8R
11899178SPIDER AS-FAN322, 322 FM L, 322 LN, 322B L, 322B LN, 325B, 325B L, M325B
11978646SPIDER AS-FAN120H, 135H, 938G, 950G, 962G, IT38G, IT62G
12659758SPIDER AS-FAN416C, 416D, 426C, 428C, 436C, 438C
17304198SPIDER AS-FAN583R, 587R, D8R, D8R II
19470498FAN120H, 120H ES, 120H NA, 12H, 12H ES, 12H NA, 135H, 135H NA, 140H, 140H ES, 140H NA, 143H, 14H NA, 160H, 160H ES, 160H NA, 163H NA
23028478SPIDER AS365C, 365C L, 365C L MH
25019118SPIDER AS-FAN583T, 587T, 973D, D6R, D6R II, D6R III, D6T, D8N, D8R, D8T, PL83, PL87
1N81736SPIDER AS-FAN3304, 3304B, 3306, 3306B, CB-534, G3306, G3306B
1P79366SPIDER AS-FANM313C, M313D, M315C, M315D, M315D 2, M316C, M316D, M317D 2, M318C, M318C MH, M318D, M318D MH, M322C, M322D, M322D MH
2P25215SPIDER AS-FAN3114, 3116, 3126, 613, CP-563, CS-531, CS-531C, CS-533, CS-533C, CS-563C, CS-573, CS-573C, CS-583, CS-583C
2P89076SPIDER AS-FAN120G, 12G, 130G, 140G, 14G, 160G
2S46388SPIDER ASSEM.631C, 988, D8H
2W50828SPIDER AS-FAN589, D8L
3N24446SPIDER AS-FAN3114, 3116, 3126, 3160, 3208, CS-551
4N25716SPIDER AS-FAN3126B, 3176B, 3176C, 3196, 3304, 3304B, 3306, 3306B, 3406, 3406B, 3406C, 3408, 3408C, 3408E, 3412, 3412C, 3412E, 3456, C-10, C-12, C-9, C11, C13, C7, C9, CX31-C13I, CX31-C9I, G3306, G3306B, G3406
4N25726SPIDER AS-FAN3126B, 3176B, 3176C, 3196, 320 L, 325C, 330, 330 FM L, 330 L, 3304, 3306, 3306B, 330B, 330B L, 3406, 3406B, 3406C, 3408, 3408C, 3408E, 3412, 3412C, 3412E, 725, 730, 735, 740, C-10, C-12, C-9, C11, C13
4N30928SPIDER AS3126B, 3176B, 3176C, 3196, 3406, 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, 3408, 3408C, 3408E, 3412, 3412C, 3412E, 350, C-10, C-12, C-15, C-16, C-9, C11, C13, C15, C18, C9, C9.3, CX31-C13I, CX31-C15I, CX31-C9I, CX35-P800
4N33398SPIDER AS3406, 3408, 3408C, 3408E, 3412, 3412C, 3412E, 3508, 3512, 3516, C15, C18, C27, C32, G3406, G3408, G3412, G3512, TH48-E70
4N83446SPIDER ASSEM.515, 518, 518C, 525, 936, 936F, 943, 950, 953, 955L, D5, D5B, G936
4N84346SPIDER AS-FAN16G, 16H NA, 621B, 621E, 621F, 623E, 623F, 627E, 627F, RM-350B, SM-350
4N88716SPIDER AS-FAN517, 916, 920, 926, 941, D4D, D4E, D4H, D4H XL, D4HTSK II, D4HTSK III, IT28
4W02558SPIDER AS-FAN578, 815B, 966D, 973, D6R, D7H, D8N
4W84098SPIDER A-FAN583K, D8K
5M58806SPIDER ASSEM.951B, 955H
5S98978SPIDER215, 561B, 574, D4D
6I13638SPIDER AS-FAN910, 931B
6N26878SPIDER AS-FAN3456, 826C, 980C, 980F, 983B, C-16, C15, C18, CX31-C15I, CX35-P800, R1600, R1600G, R1600H, R1700 II, R1700G, R2900, R2900G, TH35-C15I
6N53398SPACER ASSEM.3406, 834B, 988B
7E35578SPIDER AS-FAN572R, 814F, 815F, 966F, 966F II, 970F, D7R, R1700G, R2900G
7N04768SPIDER AS-FAN950B, 963, 963B, 966C, R1300
7N82536SPIDER AS-FAN527, 561M, 918F, 924F, D5H, D5H XL, D5HTSK II, D5M, IT18F, IT24F
7S05426SPIDER AS-FAN14E, 561C, 920, 930, 941, 950, D3B, D3C, D4D, D4E, D4E SR, D5
7S05436SPIDER ASSEM.14E, 3208, 518, 561C, 950, 955K, 955L, D5, D5B, D5E, D6C
7S05446SPIDER ASSEM.225, 229, 3208, 561C, 613C, 950, 955K, D5, D5B, D6C
7S05456SPIDER ASSEM.627, 966C
7S05466SPIDER AS-FAN627, 814, 815, 966C, 977K, 977L, 980B, D6C, D6D, D6E, D6E SR, D6G, D6G SR, D6G2 LGP, D6G2 XL
8N65846SPIDER AS-FAN3408, 3412, D6D, D6G2 LGP, D6G2 XL
9N60108SPIDER AS-FAN322C, 325, 325 LN
9S96968SPIDER ASSEM.572G, D7F, D7G, D7G2
9Y78408SPIDER AS-FAN950F, 950F II
600-633-08516FAN, COOLING KOMATSU®6D125, 6D125E, S6D125, S6D140E, SA6D110
1067637 NEW7FAN AS3054, 3054B, 3054C, 3054E, 3056, PF-300C
11157677FAN3054, 3054B, 3056, 3056E, C4.4, SPF343C
1142474 NEW10FAN3054E, 3056, 3056E, 312, 312B L, 315, 315B L, 317, C4.4, C6.6
12003008FAN ASM318, M320
122670810SPIDER AS-FAN3054, 3054B, 416C, 426C, 428C, 436C, 438C, 914G, AP-300, IT14G, PS-150B, TH62, TH63, TH82, TH83
1352407 NEW10FAN311B, 311C, 311D LRR, 312B, 312C, 312C L, 312D, 312D L, 312D2, 312D2 GC, 312D2 L, 313D, 313D2, 313D2 LGP, 314C, 314D CR, 314D LCR
13557926FAN AS320B, 322C, 322C FM, 325C, 325C FM, M325C MH
14233919SPIDER AS414E, 416C, 416D, 416E, 420D, 420E, 422E, 424D, 426C, 428C, 428D, 428E, 430D, 430E, 432D, 432E, 434E, 436C, 438C, 438D, 442D, 442E, 444E, 793D, 793F, 793F CMD, 793F OEM, 793F-XQ, 797, 797B, 906H, 906H
17865786FAN318C, 319C, 320C, 320C FM
18510469SPIDER AS-FAN924G, 924GZ, 924H, 924HZ, 928H, 928HZ, 930G, IT28G
19310159FAN AS-SUCTIONM318, M320
19781597SPIDER AS-FANM313C, M313D, M315C, M315D, M315D 2, M316C, M316D, M317D 2, M318C, M318C MH, M318D, M318D MH, M322C, M322D, M322D MH
20409109FAN AS320C, 320C FM, 320C L, 321C, 330C, 330C FM, 330C L, 330C MH
2175513 NEW7FAN315D L, 318D L, 318D2 L, 319D, 319D L, 319D LN
230289211FAN AS320E, 320E L, 320E LN, 320E LRR, 320E RR, 323E L, 324D, 324D FM, 324D FM LL, 324D L, 324D LN, 324E, 324E L, 324E LN, 325D, 325D FM, 325D FM LL, 325D L, 325D MH, 326D L, 328D LCR, 329D, 329D L, 329D LN
24185348SPIDER AS120K, 120K 2, 120M, 120M 2, 12K, 12M, 12M 2, 12M 3, 12M 3 AWD, 140K, 140K 2, 140M, 140M 2, 140M 3, 140M 3 AWD, 14M, 160K, 160M, 160M 2, 160M 3, 160M 3 AWD, 613G, 627H, 627K, 627K LRC, 797F, 953D, 963D
245934310FAN AS320D, 320D FM, 320D GC, 320D L, 320D LRR, 320D RR, 321D LCR, 323D L
245934410FAN AS320D, 320D FM, 320D FM RR, 320D GC, 320D L, 320D LN, 320D LRR, 320D RR, 320D2, 320D2 GC, 321C, 321D LCR, 323D L, 323D LN, 323D SA
4I75926FAN AS3116, 320 L
5I78947FAN311, 315, 315B, 317B LN, 318B, E110B
5I80006FAN315C, 320 L, 320B
600-623-85809FAN, COOLING KOMATSU®D41E, D41E6T, D41P, S6D102E, SAA4D102E, SAA6D102E
600-625-755010FAN, COOLING KOMATSU®HM400, PC118MR, PC160, PC180, PW118MR, PW130, PW130ES, PW140, PW148, PW160, S4D102E, S4D95L, S6D95L, SAA4D102E, SAA4D107E, SAA4D95LE
600-625-76209FAN KOMATSU®PC1100, PC1100SE, PC1100SP, PC1250, PC1250SE, PC1250SP, PC200, PC200EL, PC200EN, PC200LL, PC200Z, PC210, PC220, PC220LL, PC230NHD, PC240, PC250, PC270, PC290, PW180, S6D102E, SAA4D107E, SAA6D102E
600-633-08019FAN, COOLING KOMATSU®DCA, EGS300, S6D125, S6D140, SA6D125E, WA1200
600-635-58706FAN KOMATSU®HM300, PC300LL, PC350LL, PC400, PC450, SAA6D114E, SAA6D125E
600-635-78706FAN, COOLING KOMATSU®PC300, PC300HD, PC340, PC350, PC350HD, PC360, PC390, PC390LL, PC400, PW400MH, SAA6D114E, SAA6D125E
12513628FAN AS-REVERSE578, D6R, D6R II, D6R III, D6T, D7H, D8N
13599608FAN ASD9R
14796708FAN AS-REVD4D, D7F, D7G, 641, 651, 657, 666
14796728FAN AS-REVERSIBLE572R, 572R II, 583R, 587R, D7R, D7R II, D8R, D8R II
14796748FAN AS-REV594H, D9H

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only. Komatsu® is the registered trademark of Komatsu Ltd