Even under the hardest environments, CTP heavy-duty radiators offer reliable performance and ensure the cooling system of your machine works properly at all times.

CTP heavy-duty radiators offer reliable performance even under the harshest environments.

Part No. Machine/ Engine Model
1104347 924F, IT24F, IT18F
1132923 330, 330L
1403634 420, 416D, 428C, 436C
1415722 320B, 320L
1415975 322B, 322BLN, 325B
1843896 320B, 320BL
1857980 140H, 120H, 160H, 12H
1932767 320C, 318C, 319C
2105948 414E, 416E, 420E, 422E
2302966 345C, 345D, 349D
2364430 320C, 320CL, 320CS
2364454 325CL, 325CLN, 322CL
2459359 330D, 336D, 340D2L
2565310 950H, 962H
2625755 14G
2653563 320CL, 320C
3019672 420E, 422E, 434E, 416E
3128338 320D, 321D, 323D
3263870 320D, 325D, 324D, 329D
3347677 950G2, 962G2
3498238 950H, 962H
3609273 320D, 323D
3786178 320D, 323D
4331670 320D, 323D
1N3219 966D, 966E
1P1683 977L, 977K
1P4404 966C
1S0364 D4D
1W1895 950B
2P1332 955K, 955L
2P3775 D6, D6C, D6D
2P4648 D4E, D4D
Part No. Machine/ Engine Model
4N6298 D6, D6C
4N8559 3412, 3406C, 3408C
4N8995 3408C, 3412C
4P3377 416B, 428B
4P3379 428B, 436B, 416B
4W4987 988B
5S4592 D4D
5S8450 D5
6N0541 D5, 561C
6N0542 D5B
6N1218 D7G
7E4639 416C, 428C, 438C, 436C
7N3111 528, 530B
7N3112 D8L
7N3542 D6D, D6E, D6G, D250E
7N4987 D5B, D5E
7N6223 D4D, D4E
7S2244 950
7Y1961 320, 320L
8N0073 120G, 140G, 12G, 160G
8N2602 D8K
8N3545 D4E
8N7857 930R
8N7859 930, 930R, 120B
9S5149 980B
9Y5983 3508B, 3512B, 3516, 3516B

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only