Recoil Spring Zinc-Rich Coated
Zinc-Rich Coated Recoil Springs

Zinc-Rich Coated Recoil Springs

NEW CTP Zinc-Rich Coated Recoil Springs

The special zinc coating protects the steel surfaces of the spring from corrosion by providing a sacrificial barrier of Zinc contained in the coating. Zinc-rich coatings acts as a secondary shield to protect the steel surface from corrosion.


Zinc-rich Coating outperforms standard coatings
Zinc-rich coatings contain Zinc metal pigments mixed into the primer resin. The high Zinc metal concentration in the coating creates high electrical conductivity which allows the primer to provide sacrificial galvanic protection to any areas of exposed underlying steel in the event that the top paint layer is scratched or chipped.

#Zinc-rich Coating outperforms standard coatings


Lower maintenance costs
Extended corrosion protection allows you to perform maintenance less often, reducing maintenance needs by up to 30% throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.


Longer corrosion protection
Give your equipment a longer life, even in the toughest conditions. Zinc-Rich coatings are proven to deliver superior corrosion protection with extended durability, the protective coating can prevent corrosion up to 50% longer.

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