CTP Steps offer reliability and stability at the moment you need
it the most! Your safety is important to us; for that reason, we
guarantee quality steps in order for you to finish your job safe
and sound! Check out our Brand New Steps Now!

CTP Steps –

Part No. Application
2341530 980H, 972H, 962H, 966H.
4V9809 16H, 12K, 140K, 120K, 12H.
4V9810 785B, 789C, 785C, 793B, 793C.
1987379 12H, 135H, 120H, 160H, 140H.
1987380 120K, 16H, 140K, 160K, 12H.
2234472 773F, 777F, 795F-AC, 775F.

Steps Support –

Part No. Application
8X1032 1987380, 1987379, 223447,
4V9809, 4V9810.

*Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your
sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used
for reference purposes only