Tips for Komatsu

Tips for Komatsu

The new CTP Tips for Komatsu are heat treated to ensure their strength and wear resistance

wdt_ID Picture Type Application Part No. Machine Model Pin No.
1 Point Tiger Long For use in compact material. 175-78-31230TL D155AX-5, D155AX-6, D55AX-7 09244-02508
2 Ripper Tip For ripping application on dozers and scarifiers.  141-78-11253 D61EX15, D65WX/EX-12, D65EX-15, D65EX-16, D65EX-17, D65WX-17 09244-02508
3 Tooth Multi-purpose for most basic applications.  423-847-1140 WA380-5, WA380-6, WA380-7 09244-02516
4 Tooth Rock Chisel Best for use on abrasive materials that require good penetration. 205-70-19570RC, 09244-02516 PC200,PC210-6, PC210-7, PC210LC-6, PC210LC-7,PC210LC-8, PC300LC-6, PC300LC-7, PC300LC-8 09244-02496, 09244-02516
5 Tooth Tiger Long Best for use on abrasive materials that require a high level of penetration and resistance to impact. 205-70-19570TL, 207-70-14151TL PC200, PC210-6, PC210-7, PC210LC-6, PC210LC-7, PC210LC-8, PC300LC-6, PC300LC-7, PC300LC-8 09244-02496, 09244-02516

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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