Engine Bearings Undersizes & Oversize

Undersize & Oversize Engine Bearings

Main & rod bearings come in standard, undersized, and oversized. An undersized bearing has extra material thickness on the inside of the bearing facing the crankshaft journal. Undersized bearings are used when a crankshaft has been machined or ground undersize. Oversize bearings have more material on the outside facing the bearing housing bore. Oversized bearings are used when the block has been machined or line bored oversized. CTP offers many of these specialty bearings for many popular applications.

wdt_ID Part No. Size Description Cat Application
1 5I7786 0.030" US (0.75MM) UNDERSIZE SET-BEARING (2) 3066
2 5I7785 0.020" US (0.51MM) UNDERSIZE SET-BEARING 3066
3 7C6978 0.030" US (0.75MM) UNDERSIZE BEARING 3114, 3116, 3126
4 7C6963 0.030" US (0.75MM) UNDERSIZE BEARING MAIN 3114, 3116, 3126
5 7C6973 0.030" US (0.75MM) UNDERSIZE BEARING MAIN 3116
6 8N8926 0.010" US (0.25MM) UNDERSIZE BEARING MAIN 1140, 1145, 3208
7 8N5341 0.025" US (0.64MM) UNDERSIZE BEARING-CRANKSHAFT 1693 & D343
8 8N5346 0.025" US (0.64MM) UNDERSIZE BEARING-CRANKSHAFT 1693 & D343
10 8N7925 0.050" US (1.25MM) UNDERSIZE BEARING MAIN 3204

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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