Vane Pump Cartridges –

The new VQH pumps both single and double employ a new rotor design which enhances the pressure
capabilities. Max pressure capabilities are between 3500 and 3300 PSI depending on the model size.
The cartridges are interchangeable with the old 20 design VQ series.

Cartridge Kit Part No.Vane Pump Part No.MachineApplication
6E23871214313, 1206746. 6E6666, 6E4718, 6E2064966E, 966FFront
10028701214512, 1206747, 6E6266, 6E5539R1600/G/H,970FN/A
16292461629207R1300, R1300GFront
6E23961212501, 1206744950FFront
10029611214019, 1206745960FFront
4T68691236765, 1213409613C, 814B/F, 815B/F, 816B/FFront
4T26266E6659, 1206745, 1212501, 1214019950B, 950E, 950F, 960FCenter
15550911392383, 1439722, 1914610, 1963808980GRear
1U26676E2064966D/E/F, 970F, R1600/G/HRear
16292481629207R1300, R1300GRear