CTP alternators utilize the most modern technology to provide unmatched performance for a reliable charging system. Assembled only with premium components to ensure and meet strict quality manufacturing standards. The units are performance tested to guarantee long term dependable service. CTP alternator units are designed and manufactured to withstand the extreme conditions found in today’s heavy duty equipment while delivering dependable charging power.

CTP Alternators Available Now

Part No.DescriptionEngine ModelMachine
6N929424V 35AC7, 3406C, 627F, 3508B, 3306140k, 627F, 12H, Industrial, Gas, Petroleum
112504124V 50A3406/C, 3408/E, 3412, 311616H, 627F, 16G, 637E, 120H, 826C
100504724V 50A3406/C, 3408/E, 3306, 311616h, 627F, 631E, 769C, 12H, 120H, 583R
169334524V 60A3406C, C15, C7, C13, 3412E16H, TH35-C15I, 771D, 627F, C280-16
272188924V 150AC13, C6.6, C32, C9.3, C7.1, C1516M, 930K, D11T, 797F, 725C, 938K, D8T
203549212V 110A3044C, C3.4, 3046, 3034,277C, 259B3, 246C, 939C, D5C, 236, 246
212862224V 50A3064, 3066311C U, 320C/L
5I7615N/A3066320, 320 L
212856124V 54AC6.4, 3066323D, 320D
3E757724V 75A3512C, 3408E, 3456, 3306, 3508B, 3406385B, D8R, 627F, 12H, 797B, 797, 16H
383255612V 100AC6.6, C4.4, 3054C416E, 414E, 422E, Industrial
105281312V 90A3054/B/C426C, 428C, 436C, 424D, 416D
117137912V 130AC7, C9, C12, C16, 3126B460, 85C, 470 R, 480 R, 75C, TH31-C91
306217424V 150AC13, C7, C15, 3512B, C27, 3516C587T, 583T, D6R, D8T, D7R
185529424V 65A3406E, C7, C13, C9, C15, 3126B740, D8R, 336D2, 340D2, M325D
200828124V 75A3406E, 3408/E, C15, 3456, 3126B, C9740, D9N, 623G, 621G, D8L, 651B, 657B
200223224V 75AC15, 3406E, C18, 3408E, 3176C, 31966740B, 657G, 631E, 623G, 633E, 160H
226768324V 95AC32, C18, C27, C7.1, C15, C9.3, C6.6777F, D11T, 772G, 390F, 563C, 775F, D6T
197882024V 95A3516, C7, C15, 3516B, 3512, 3508B789C, 793C, D8T, 140K, D9T, 784C
316725124V 105A3516, 3406C, C7, C18, 3412E, 3512B, C15793C, 789C, 16H, 793B, 5110B, 785B, 777C
7N611812V 40A3204931, D3/LPG, 910
105281112V 55A3046939/C, D4C/LGP, D5C, 933
235713324V 80AC13, C9.3, C11, C7.1, C15, C6.6972H, 366F, 14M, 329E, 352F-VG, 623G
6T119512V 61A4.236CS323, CP-323
346982724V 75AC4.4CS54B, CP54B, 420E, CS44, CP44
346982624V 55AC2.2, 3056E, 3024CCS-563E, Industrial
9G607912V 61A3208, 3204D3B, Industrial, Truck
2Y831028V 21A3304, 3306/B, 3408BD4E, D5E, 966C, 930T, 140B, 930R
107797724V 70A3116, 3306, 3196, 3176, 3406CD6M/LGP, DR7, 365B, 572R, 966G
204744924V 100A3408C, 3456, C9, 3176CD9R, 836G, D6R, D8R, D7R
5I517824V 50AS6KTEL200B
6T139524V 35AC15, 3406C, 3408C, G3306BGas, Industrial, Petroleum, Marine
3E789212V 85A3408C, C27, 3412E, C32, C9,HT400, CX31-C9I, TH48-E70-C27I
349136912V 85A3024CIndustrial
339776712VC6.6, C4.4, C3.3, 3054C, 3056Industrial
331571724V 105A3516C, 3508/B, 3512B, C7, C13Industrial, Marine
125959712V 145AC7, C13, C9, 3196, 3176, 3126BIndustrial, Petroleum, 95E, 75D
5N569224V 45A3512C, 3406E, C15, C18, C7Industrial, Truck, Petroleum
7N478412V 40A3204IT12, 935C, 931C, D3C, 931B, 910, D4C, D3C
8N226812V 75A3204IT12, 935C, D3C, 931C, 910, D4C, D5C, 931B
9W304324V 52A3054, 3116, 3126, 3208, 3056EM318, CS-563E, 938G, IT28G, IT38G, 322C/LN,
109236224V 55A3056/E, 3054/TM322C, M315, 312, 317/N, M318C
266722624V 75A3516B, C18, C7, C32, C9Marine, Industrial
6T139612V 51AC15, 3406E, G3304, 3306, 3208Marine, Industrial, Gas
266722724V 60AC15, 3508, 3406C/E, C7, C13, 3456Marine, Industrial, Truck, Petroleum
266722412V 110AC7, C15, C9, 3406C, 3126B, C18Marine, Petroleum, Industrial
149206112V 65A4.236N/A
096929924V 30AN/AE200B
7G788912V 60A3406C, C13, C7, 3412, C9, C18Petroleum, Industrial, Generator Set
100822312V 55A3054, 3056TH62, TH103, TH63, Industrial
346982412V 100AC6.6, C4.4, C3.4TL1255C, TL943C, TL1055C
121413412V 115A3176B, 3406C, C15, 3456, C13Truck, Industrial, Petroleum

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

In order to deliver a dependable and quality performance, CTP Alternators ensure wear resistance and trustworthiness due to top-notch technology