Armatures are electro-magnets located inside an electrical motor. Armatures are composed of thin metal plates stacked together
forming poles, with thin copper wire coiled around each pole.

Part No.DescriptionApplicationVoltage
20949885ARMATURE A3066, S6K
2Y2384ARMATURE A120B, 140B, 621R/S, 930R/T, 966C/R, 3304, 3306, D4D/E, D5B/E, D6C/D/E24 VOLT
3E7855ARMATURE A322B, 325C, 533, 926G, 928G, 950G, 960F, 962G, 3116, 3126/B, AP-900B, IT-38F/G, IT-62G,M325B24 VOLT
3T0867ARMATURE A12G, 120G, 160G, 215/B, 518, 936/E, 950B/E, 3204, 3304, 3306/B/DI, D5H/H LGP, D6D/E24 VOLT
3T5425ARMATURE A594, 637, 769, 823, 834, 983, 988, D353, 169324 VOLT
4M1868ARMATURE A12E, 16G, 561B,621B, 623B, 824C, 826C, 955H, 977H, 980C, 983B, 1673, 3306, 3406, D4D,D333C24 VOLT
5L8877ARMATURE12G, 518, 920, 930, 941/B, 950B/C, 955L, 3304, 3306, D4E, D5B, D6C, D32024 VOLT
7L6587ARMATURE A3145, 3150, 3160, 3280, 3306, G333C12 VOLT
7M8651ARMATURE A235, 627, 637, 641B, 650B, 651B, 657B, 660B, 666B, 772, 773, 814, 815,966C, 977L, 980B,992, 3306, D34624 VOLT
7T3275ARMATURE A3176B, 3176C, C10, C1212 VOLT
7T3276ARMATURE A621E, 623E, 627E, D8N, G916, G926, 3204, 3208, 340624 VOLT
7X1951ARMATURE A322C/C LN, 325C, 543, 3116, 3126/B, AP1055B, CB-634C, M325B24 VOLT
8S1546ARMATURE A235, 528, 627B/E, 814/B, 815/B, 816B, 966C/D, 973, 977L, 3306, D6D/H24 VOLT
9S6100ARMATURE3304, 3306, 320824 VOLT
9X1280ARMATURE A205B, 910E, 918F, 924F, 3114, CB-434, E1108, IT-14B/F, IT-18F, IT-24F24 VOLT

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.