Improve your vertical wall digging and bucket curl with our CTP bucket links. With an ameliorated bucket linkage, truck loading will be a non-rigorous task.

MachineLinkLink & Bearing
Right HandLeft Hand
235/B/C/D 4E12854E12857I4177
320/B/C, 325/CL, 330CL 7Y239218656501865653
320B 0990723 09907225I3425
320B, 322, 325 0875802 08758031748255
 320B, 325B, 330B 133243708758034I4902
320C, 322C, 325C 194982909907225I3425
320D/E/F, 321D 244425524442542602289
322B, 325, 330B7Y352813324417Y3556
322B, 325B, 330B 13324417Y35287Y3556
325, 330, 330C 4I4727N/A4I4724
330, 330 L 7Y23927Y23927Y9525
330C, 322C, 325C 7Y354618938782123002
350, 350 L 7Y23927Y23917Y9525

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only