C15 Piston and Liner Kits

C15 Piston and Liner Kits

Introducing our newly developed Piston and Liner Kits for Engine C15.

The CTP Piston and Liner kits are assembled from the highest quality components. Our kits include premium piston rings with improved durability which provides enhanced engine performance and increases fuel economy. CTP Piston and Liner kits are built and designed for the high demanding applications of today’s direct-injection diesel engines.


What each kit contains:

Components Piston kit Liner kit
Crown and Skirt x x
Pin x x
Retainers x x
Ring Group x x
Liner x
Gasket Kit (If applicable) x
Seals (Where required) x
wdt_ID Serial No. Piston kit Liner kit
1 6NZ, 9NZ 1807352PK 1807352LK
2 A3A 1442948PK 1442948LK
3 B5R, JEP 3569946PK 3569946LK
4 BEM, EGH 2212305PK 2212305LK
5 BXS, KRA, MXS, NXS, SDP, TRB 3564787PK 3564787LK
6 JKG, JRE, L4L, LHX, MHP, TXG, TXY 3889354PK 3889354LK
7 MBN 2250115PK 2250115LK

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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