CTP cable harnesses are made with high temperature resistant cables and are fully equipped with flame resistant sleeve protectors.

Our cable harnesses provide several advantages:

✓ Protect against the elements & adverse effects of vibrations
✓ Reduce the risk of electrical short circuiting
✓ Install harnesses fast with our standardized fittings
✓ Optimize space with bound cables

ApplicationPart No.
D5M, D5M XL, D6M, D6M XL1210198
777D, 785B, 793C, 797B, 854G, 992G1326469
140H, 160H, 651E, 769D, 771D, 773D, 775D, 992D1422387
120H, 135H, 322C, 325C, 570B, 580B, 950G, 963C1538920
797, 797B1953809
120K, 140K, 160K, 324D, 329D, 545C1982713
160M, 336D, 390D, 814F, 816F, 973D2358202
120M, 553C, 924H, 928H, 938H, 953D, 963D2851975
D6H, D7H, D9N, D11N8E1684
627B, 637B, 637D, 639D, 657B8P8814
D9R, D9N, D10N, D11R, D11N9U9048

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.