CTP cables are simple to install and easy to maintain in order to provide you with low costs throughout the products’ life cycle.

Braking System Cables

Part No.ApplicationMachine Model
1061858CABLE AS950F, 950F II, 960F
1088100CABLE AS-PARKING BRAKE CONTROL814F, 814F II, 815F, 815F II, 816F, 816F II, 950F II, 960F, 966F, 966F II, 970F
1445323CABLE AS12H, 120H, 135H, 140H, 143H, 160H, 163H
1630755CABLE GP416C, 416D, 420D, 424D, 426C, 428C, 428D, 430D, 432D, 436C, 438C, 438D, 442D, 446D
3E1804CABLE GP834B, 836, 988B, 988F, 988F II
4D3270CABLE ASSEM.120B, 12E, 140B
4D7345CABLE ASSEM120B, 12E, 140B
4V2157CABLE ASSEM. 815B, 950B, 966D
6C1581CABLE AS966F II, 970F
6D1562CABLE ASSEM.120, 140
8D5287CABLE AS12G, 130G, 140G, 160G
9D4635CABLE AS120G
9U0691CABLE AS918F, 924F, 928F, 938F, IT18F, IT24F, IT28F
9X5694CABLE AS120H, 120H ES, 120H NA, 12H, 12H ES, 12H NA, 135H, 135H NA, 140H, 140H ES, 140H NA, 143H, 160H, 160H ES, 160H NA, 163H NA, 16H, 16H NA

Electrical & Starting System Cables

Part No.ApplicationMachine Model      
1706929CABLE AS311C, 311D LRR, 312C, 312C L, 312D, 312D L, 312D2, 312D2 GC, 312D2 L, 313D, 313D2, 313D2 LGP, 314C, 314D CR, 314D LCR, 314E CR, 314E LCR, 315C, 315D L, 318C, 318D L, 318D2 L, 319C, 319D, 319D L, 319D
3L8048CABLED342C, D348, D379A, D379B, D398
7P6682CABLE AS416, 416B, 416C, 426B, 426C, 428, 428B, 428C, 436, 436C, 438B, 438C, 446, 446B, 446D, 517, 527, 561M, 561N, 572R, 589, 814B, 814F, 815B, 815F, 816F, 834B, 943, 950B, 950B/950E, 950F, 950F II, 953, 953.

Cables for Lock System

Part No.ApplicationMachine Model
1166531CABLE AS416B, 426B
1178774CABLE AS416C
1137398CABLE AS428B, 438B
1742365CABLE AS416C, 426C, 436C

Fuel System Cables

Part No.ApplicationMachine ModelEngine Model
1042128CABLE AS416C, 426C, 428C, 436C, 438C3054
1742297CABLE GP-GOVERNOR CONTROLCS-323C, CS-533C, CS-563C, CS-583C3054B, 3116
2037100CABLE AS416D, 420D, 424D, 428D, 430D, 432D, 438D, 442D, 924G, 924GZ, 928G, IT28G3116, 3054
2350128CABLE AS414E, 416D, 416E, 416F, 420D, 420E, 420F, 422E, 422F, 424D, 428D, 428E, 428F, 430D, 430E, 430F, 432D, 432E, 432F, 434E, 434F, 442D, 442E, 444E, 444F3054C, 3054B, C4.4
5G2315CABLE GP931B, 931C, 931C II, 935B, D3C II, D4C3204
6T8467CABLE GP225, 2293304
6T8468CABLE GP235, 235B, 235C3306, 3406C
6T8469CABLE AS245, 245B, 245D3406
8C9586CABLE AS12H, 12H ES, 12H NA, 140H, 140H ES, 140H NA, 143H, 14H NA, 160H, 160H ES, 160H NA, 163H NA3306, 3306B
9D0148CABLE12G, 140G, 160G3306, 3306D
9D1611CABLE120G, 130G, 14G3304, 3306, 120G
9X0391CABLE AS814F, 815F, 816F, 966D, 966F, 966F II, 970F3306, 816F
9X4776CABLE AS918F, 924F, IT18F, IT24F3114
9X4857CABLE AS834B3408
9X5476CABLE AS-CONTROL834B, 988B3408
1311990CABLE AS950G, 962G, IT62G3126
1641079CABLE AS416D, 420D, 424B, 424D, 428D, 430D, 432D, 438D, 442D, 446D3054,  3054B,  3114
1766767CABLE AS824G, 825G, 826G, 950G, 962G, 966G, 972G, 980G, IT62G3126, 3306, 3406C
9X1336CABLE GP235C, 235D3306
9X4219CABLE ASD25C, D25D, D30C, D350C, D350E, D35C, D35HP, D400, D400E, D40D3306, 3406/B

Frame and Body Cable

Part No.ApplicationMachine Model
1641183CABLE AS416D, 420D
2220844CABLE AS416D, 420D, 430D

Undercarriage Track Adjuster Cables

Part No.ApplicationMachine Model
7G8282CABLE AS583R, 583T, 587R, 587T, 589, D10N, D10R, D10T, D10T2, D11N, D11R, D11T, D7H, D8L, D8T, D9L, D9N, D9R, D9T, PL83, PL87

Power Train Cables

Part No.ApplicationMachine Model
2V7617CABLE AS834B, 988B
7V9142CABLE AS930R
7V9223CABLE AS966C, 966R
8C5604CABLE AS933, 935B, 935C, 939, D3B, D3C II, D3C III, D4C III, D5C III
8D5286CABLE AS12G, 130G, 140G, 160G
8V8022CABLE AS966C, 966R
9D4634CABLE AS120G
9D4635CABLE AS120G
9G8630CABLE AS589, D10N, D8L, D9L, D9N, D9R
9G8631CABLE AS589, D10N, D8L, D9L, D9N, D9R
1V6350CABLE AS834B, 836, 988B

Operator Cables

Part No.ApplicationMachine Model
3V2783CABLE ASSEM.814B, 815B, 816B, 824C, 966D, 980C
3V7125CABLE AS824C, 825C, 826C, 980C, 980F
4V4835CABLE AS950B, 950E
5V4732CABLE AS814B, 815B, 816B, 950B, 950E, 966D
5V4734CABLE AS814B, 815B, 816B, 950B, 950B/950E, 966D
6T1313CABLE AS936, 936F, G936
6T1314CABLE AS936, 936F, G936
7T1971CABLE AS814B, 815B, 816B, 824C, 825C, 826C
8V0554CABLE AS824C, 825C, 826C, 980C, 980F
9X0391CABLE AS814F, 815F, 816F, 966D, 966F, 966F II, 970F
9D2141CABLE AS120G, 12G, 130G, 140G, 160G
9X0390CABLE AS916, 926A, 936, 936F, 966D, G936, IT18B, IT28B
9X1147CABLE AS916, 926, D3C III, D4C III, D5C III, G926, IT18B, IT28B
9X1395CABLE AS950B, 950B/950E
9X5426CABLE AS950F, 950F II, 960F
9X5695CABLE AS950F, 950F II, 966F
1406705CABLE AS938G, IT38G
3V7096CABLE AS824C, 825C, 826C, 980C, 980F

Work Tools Cables

Part No.ApplicationMachine Model

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only