Carriers for Komatsu®
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Carriers for Komatsu®

CTP offers the highest quality replacement planetary gear carriers for popular Komatsu® excavators. CTP carriers are precision manufactured to allow for an exact fit with low backlash. This allows for smooth motion transfer, even under substantial torque loads. So when it’s time to overhaul your Komatsu® equipment count on CTP to always have the right parts with the right fit.

Carriers for Komatsu®

wdt_ID Part No. Description Application
1 207-26-71570 CARRIER KOMATSU PC220LL, PC270LL, PC300, PC300HD, PC340, PC350, PC350HD, PC360, PC380, PC390
2 20Y-26-21150 CARRIER KOMATSU PC200, PC200Z, PC210, PC220, PC228UU, PC230, PC240
3 20Y-27-21140 CARRIER KOMATSU PC100L, PC200, PC210, PC220, PC230, PC240
4 20Y-27-21153 CARRIER KOMATSU CD110R, PC100L, PC200, PC210, PC220, PC230, PC240, PC300, PC300SC, PC340, PC350, PC380
5 20Y-27-22170 CARRIER KOMATSU BP500, BR200J, BR200S, BR200T, BR250RG, BR300J, BR300S, BR310JG, BR350JG, BR380JG, COOLANT, CS360, CS360SD, PC100L, PC160, PC180, PC200, PC200CA, PC300, PC600, PC650, PC700

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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