CTP Carriers –

Our carriers are produced from quality cast iron and tempered to remove any stresses due to processing. CTP Carriers are packaged in chemically treated paper or nylon bags to prevent corrosion during extended storage under unfavorable conditions.

Part No. Application
1043133 D9N
1107209 325B L
1107228 330B L
1107243 330B
1127304 980G
1127308 D9R
1128041 966DE, 966F
1128042 980F, D7R, D8N
1293046 980G
1294300 966G, 966H, 972G
1864117 416B, 416C, 416
2105924 416E, 416D
1M4153 D8K, D9G/H
1P9663 977K/L 983
1T0226 571A, 572E, D7E
Part No. Application
4E2166 938F/G
4S5940 D5, 955K
4S5980 N/A
4V8541 950B
4V9823 916, IT18B
5M7875 D6C, D6G, D7G
5S7023 D5, 955L
5V6177 518, 936
6C0739 215
6G7213 120G, 120H
6P0748 D4C, D3C, 926F
6S3011 910
6T0275 926, 926E
6T3726 D9T
6Y1336 D8N, D8R, D8T
6Y1604 980F, 980C, 826C
6Y4819 966D
6Y4846 D7R, D8T
6Y7879 966
7G4589 980F, 980C
7G5444 936, 936E
7G5445 962H, 962G
7G5684 D7H
7G7218 980F
7I7728 322B, 325L
7K1848 966
7T1124 D8L
7T3365 D8N
7T8170 D4H, D5C
7Y0228 322L
7Y0241 325
7Y0645 330
7Y0731 330
7Y1432 320, 320B
7Y1433 318B
7Y1751 320
7Y1752 320B
Part No. Application
1T1481 936E, 950B, 950E
1V1409 910, 920
1V2281 950, 613B
1V3335 930
2P4408 D4D, 920, 930
2V5722 966DE, 966F
3P0306 12G, 120G, 140G
3P1609 14H, 16H, 14H, 14G
3P2415 980F, 980C, 826C
3P3103 988G, 980F, D9R
3P3775 D9N, D9L
3T3294 D10N, D10R
3T4007 D6R, D7R, D8N
3T5021 D6R, D7R, D8N
3T5200 D8N, D6H, D7H
Part No. Application
8D3591 315H, 140H, 130G, 140G
8E4024 D3C, 935C, 916
8E4589 D4C, D3C, 926E
8G6335 953
8G7133 963B
8M8677 D6, D7, 977
8R2198 928G
8R4571 950, 950F
8R4821 980C, 980F
8S9070 D7F
8X2305 120H
9C6027 814F, 815F, 966F
9D8794 773D, 775D
9G1490 D5N, 561N, D5M
9G1491 962H, 962G
9G9175 D6H, D6R
9K1759 966C
9P3468 D8L, D9T, D9R
9P3663 D8K, D9G, D9H
9P3731 966D, 960F
9P8451 140G, 160G
9R3527 426, 428
9S5267 D6C, D7G
9W0517 950B, 950F
9W4949 950B
9W4957 936, 950B
9W6046 926, D5C
9W9392 D8N, D9L
9W9396 D8N

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please
contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only