Part No. Machine Model Application
1543260C1 580 K/SK/SL LIFT
1543260C1 580 K/SK SWING
1543256C1 580 K/SK TILT
1543256C1 580 SL N/A
1543262C1 580 K/SK CLAM
1543267C1 580 K/SK/L/SL EXT. DIPPER
1543267C1 580 SL CLAM
1543252C1 580 K/SK HITCH LIFT 3 POINTS
1543250C1 580 K/SK HITCH TILT 3 POINTS
1543249C1 580 K/SK HITCH 3 POINTS
G110045 580 K/SK STEERING
1543275C1 580 K/SK/SL STABILIZER
1543266C1 580 K/SK N/A
1542919C2 580 K/SK/SL BOOM
1542923C2 580 K/SK/SL BUCKET
1542915C2 580 K/SK N/A
1542915C2 580 K/SK DIPPER
175251A1 580 L TILT
1543269C1 580 L STABILIZER
191747A1 580 L SWING
122535A1 580 SL N/A
122535A1 580 SL SWING
182218A1 580 L BOOM
131750A2 580 L BUCKET
234844A1 580 L DIPPER

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.
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