Connecting Rod Kit

Connecting Rod Kit

The connecting rod kit, also known as the Cylinder Packs, comes completely assembled and ready to install in your machine. Complete with piston, piston rings, connecting rod, liner and even the liner seal kit to reduce the time you will take to repair your engine. Receive a 10% discount with the purchase of a set of 6, 8 or 12.



✓ Everything in one box

✓ Fully assembled, ready to install

✓ No special tools needed

✓ Assembled by certified Diesel Mechanics

✓ Assembled with all new parts

✓ Backed by the CTP Warranty

wdt_ID Application Part No. Uses Piston Connecting Rod
1 3304, 3306 1290358CK 1290358 8N1721
2 8N3180CK 8N3180 8N1984
3 9N5250CK 9N5250 8N1721
4 1684531CK 1684531 8N1721
5 1654262CK 1654262 8N1721
6 8N3182CK 8N3182 8N1984
7 1646560CK 1646560 8N1721
8 3306C 1073565CK 1073565 8N1721
9 G3304, G3306 4P2654CK 4P2654 8N1984
10 4P2655CK 4P2655 8N1984

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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