Dry Liner Sleeves

Dry Liner Sleeves

CTP Dry Liners & Sleeves are assembled from the highest quality components. Our Liners have a roll burnished radius under the flange to prevent fractures, and precise cross hatch bore finish for proper ring seating. Liners receive heat treatment to ensure strength and durability.

Dry Liners-Sleeves with Flange

wdt_ID Part No. Application I.D. O.D. Length Flange O.D.
1 1W8311 4.236, 3054 98.50mm 103.21mm 227.55mm 106.40mm
2 7C3182 4.236 98.47mm 104.20mm 226.44mm 107.33mm
3 1111815 3054, 3054B, 3056, 3056E 100.00mm 104.23mm 227.50mm 107.44mm
4 6I0164 3054, 3056 100.00mm 104.23mm 226.44mm 107.44mm
5 6138-21-2220 S6D110, SA6D110 110.00mm 115.03mm 226.20mm 119.90mm

Dry Liners-Sleeves with No Flange

wdt_ID Part No. Application I.D. O.D. Length
1 1077604 3126, 3126B, 3126E, C7, C7.2 109.16mm 114.83mm 196.85mm
2 1227311 3046 93.25mm 98.05mm 185.50mm
3 105RS 3054C, 3054E, C4.4 C6.6 (Semi-Finished) 103.90mm 109.70mm 261.00mm
4 5I7523 3064, 3066, C4.2, C6.4 101.00mm 105.070mm 195.50mm
5 7C6208 3114, 3116 104.00mm 109.86mm 196.80mm
6 9N6275 3204, 3208 113.40mm 119.18mm 196.85mm
7 6736-29-2110 4D102E, 6D102, 6D102E, S4D102E, S6D102E, SAA6D102E 101.35mm 104.62mm 200.28mm

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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