Engine Ferrules and Seals provide an ideal sealing of fluid passages between a cylinder head and an engine block.
Ferrule Seal assemblies provide resistance to fluid leakage while accommodating movement between the cylinder head and the engine block during operation.

Engine Ferrules & Seals

Engine Ferrule Part No. Seal Part No.
3054 0328193 N/A
3054 1013984 N/A
3054 1293493 N/A
3204 7N4637 7N4636
3054, 3054B 0676999 N/A
3054, 3056 0328047 N/A
3306DI, G342, D342 7N8851 6L7814
3412/C, 3408/C, 3208 7S4433 N/A
3412C, C32, C27, 3406C, 3456 N/A 3E6772
3516/B, 3508B, 3512/B/C, 3516/B N/A 2045427
3516/B, 3508B, 3512/B/C, G3520C N/A 3251412
D343 9S5746 9S5747
D343, D337 3H5912 3H-5887
D348, 336 2S0735 6L7813
G3516, 3508B, 3512C/B, 3516 N/A 3251410
G398 & G399, D398B, D399 6B6224 6L7813
G398 & G399, D398B, D399 7B2420 6L7814
3304, 3306 N/A 7N8018, 9Y1798
D353, G353 N/A 7N6244