Engine Oil Filler Caps

Engine Oil Filler Caps

Do not risk engine damage from debris entering your engine through the oil cap. CTP oil filling caps create a positive seal that cannot be bounced or jarred loose. Our tight seal locks out moisture, dirt, rust, and other damaging contaminants.

1 4P9579 CAP AS-FILLER  725, 730, 75, 75D, 85D, C-10, C-12, C11, C13, D7E, D7E LGP, D8R II, R1700G, RM-300
2 4W3087 CAP  3126B, 3054
3 6G9333 CAP-FILLER 120G, 12G, 140G, 14G, 14H, 14H NA, 160G, 16G, 16H, 16H NA, 245, 30/30, 3406B, 3406C, 578, 583R, 587R, 611, 615, 615C, 627B, 637D, 637E, 637G, 639D, 730C, 735, 735B, 740, 740B, 777F, 777G, 797F, 814F
4 684497 CAP-OIL FILLER 120K, 120K 2, 12M, 140M, 140M 2, 160M, 160M 2, 16M, 3126B, 3126E, 3176, 3176B, 3176C, 3196, 3406E, 3456, 65, 65E, 75E, 814, 814F II, 815, 815F II, 816, 816F II, 85E, 920, 930, 930R, 950, 95E, 966C
5 9L8439 CAP-OIL FILLER 1140, 1145, 1150, 1160, 205B, 213B, 215, 225, 24M, 3114, 3116, 3126, 3126B, 3160, 3176B, 3204, 3208, 320B, 322B L, 322B LN, 325, 325 LN, 325B L, 3306C, 330D L, 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, 3456, 508, 539, 613
6 1018909 CAP AS-FILLER 14H NA, 16H NA, 24H, 5110B, 5130, 5230, 572R, 583R, 613G, 621G, 621H, 621K, 623G, 623H, 623K, 623K LRC, 627H, 627K, 627K LRC, 631G, 657G, 65C, 65E, 69D, 75C, 75D, 75E, 769D, 770, 771D, 772, 773D, 773E
7 1428937 CAP AS-FILLER 120M, 120M 2, 12M, 12M 2, 12M 3, 12M 3 AWD, 140M, 140M 2, 140M 3, 140M 3 AWD, 14M, 160M, 160M 2, 160M 3, 160M 3 AWD, 16M, 216, 216B, 216B3, 226B, 226B3, 228, 232B, 236, 236B, 236B3, 236D, 242B, 242B3
8 2W6225 CAP AS-OIL FILLER 214B, 3116, 3126, 3126B, 3126E, 322B L, 322C, 322C FM, 325, 325B, 325B L, 325C, 325C FM, 3406E, 3456, 365C, 365C L, 365C L MH, 374D L, 374F L, 390F L, 517, 527, 550, 561M, 561N, 570, 574, 580, 613C II
9 6N2206 CAP AS-FILLER 24H, 3408, 3408B, 3408C, 3408E, 3412, 3412C, 3412E, 345B L, 480, 5110B, 5130B, 5230, 5230B, 589, 613G, 621H, 621K, 623H, 623K, 623K LRC, 627H, 627K, 627K LRC, 631D, 631E, 631G, 633E II, 637E, 637G
10 7L4447 CAP AS-ENGINE OIL FILLER 3508, 3508B, 3508C, 3512, 3512B, 3512C, 3516, 3516B, 3516C, 5130, 5130B, 5230, 5230B, C175-16, C175-20, D346, D348, D349, D379, D379A, D379B, D398, D398A, D398B, D399, G3508, G3508B, G3512, G3512B

Engine Oil Filler Caps for Komatsu®

1 07051-00000 CAP  505, 507, 538, 540, 540B, 542, 545, 558, 568, BF60, CS210, D135A, D150A, D155A, D155C, D155S, D20A, D20P, D20PL, D21A, HD325, HD405, HM250, HM300, HM350, HM400, WA600, WA800, WA900
2 07051-01000 CAP  558, D155A, D155AX, HD325, HD405, HD465, HD605, HD785, HM300, HM350, HM400, WA1200, WA600, WD600
3 14X-60-31130 CAP  D31EX, D31PX, D37EX, D37PX, D39EX, D39PX, D61EX, D61PX, D65EX, D65PX, D65WX, PC70

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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