Equalizer Bars-

Part No. Application
1409698 D8N, D8R
1409699 D8L, D9R, D9N
1414690 D7H
1774651 D9K
2012076 D6H, D6R
2012078 D6H-LGP
2072683 D11R
2072684 D11R, D11T
2223676 D9, D10N
6T1724 D6E
7M0665 D6
7S9088 D8, D8H
8E0743 D5H-LGP
8E1340 D5H
8E8789 D6M
8G4375 953-LGP
8P1865 D7E, D7F

• Made with the toughest steel available in the industry.
• Complete with fittings.




* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales
representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only