Excavator Couplings

Excavator Couplings

CTP Excavator Couplings (Hydraulic System)

CTP Excavator Coupling (Hydraulic System) assemblies are manufactured with the highest quality thermoplastic polyester as well as high temperature rubber (HTR), that are highly resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals and solvents. Both materials have excellent properties for transferring and absorbing shock load and reducing wear on equipment.

CTP Excavator Couplings (Hydraulic System)

wdt_ID Part No. Description F/ Coupling Specifications Torque (kg-m) NOR F/ Coupling Specifications Torque (kg-m) PEAK F/ Coupling Specifications Max. Speed (RPM) F/ Coupling Specifications Allowable Temperature (°C) Engine Specifications Power (Hp)
1 CTP30H Coupling 40 80 4000 -40°C - 120° 70~90
2 CTP50H Coupling 80 160 4000 -40°C - 120° 90~150
3 CTP110H Coupling 110 220 3600 -40°C - 120° 100~170
4 CTP140H Coupling 160 320 3600 -40°C - 120° 170~190
5 CTP160H Coupling 160 320 3600 -40°C - 120° 170~190

Also sold separately, CTP Elements

wdt_ID Part No. Description
1 CTP30H-E Element
2 CTP50H-E Element
3 CTP110H-E Element
4 CTP140H-E Element
5 CTP160H-E Element

Also sold separately, CTP Elements 2

wdt_ID Part No. Description Machine Model
1 990149 Coupling (50A) 312

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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