Friction Discs Plates for Komatsu

Friction Discs & Plates for Komatsu

Komatsu® Friction discs and plates are capable of enduring high amounts of physical stress. CTP offers heavy duty friction material technology to suit a wide range of Komatsu applications.

Friction Discs For Komatsu®

wdt_ID Part No. Application
1 424-15-12711 85PX-15,WA380-6, D155AX-6,
2 195-15-32710 D155AX-6,
3 17A-22-11170 D155AX-6, D155AX-7
4 104-22-33321 D21
5 120-22-31233 D31E, D37A, D40
6 195-22-13441 D375A-5
7 195-15-42721 D375A-6
8 131-21-43220 D40,D50
9 14X-15-22710 D65PX-15
10 125-21-23121 D75S

Plates For Komatsu®

wdt_ID Part No. Application
1 175-15-42721 D155A-1
2 175-15-42920 D155A-1
3 175-22-21160 D155A-1
4 17A-22-12120 D155AX-7, D155A-5
5 10E-22-21320 D21
6 195-22-13370 D375A-6
7 130-22-11320 D53A, D50,D57
8 14X-15-22780 D65EX-16, D65EX-17
9 426-15-12720 D85E-21
10 363-15-22750 WA30-3, WA50-1

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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