Peak performance for any diesel engine relies mostly on the fuel injectors delivering the proper amount of fuel at the proper time. CTP remanufactured injectors will bring your engine back to optimal performance while providing excellent fuel economy.

Quality Features:

✓ All components are quality inspected.
✓ New solenoids and seals installed.
✓ New tips installed.
✓ All units are fully tested on state of the art testing equipment.
✓ Each unit is individually shrink-wrapped to avoid contaminants.
✓ Each injector unit is shipped in a protective foam filled package.

Engine Remanufactured Part No. Part No.
3126E 10R0782 1780199
10R1257 1786342
0R9348 2225965
10R0781 2225966
0R9349 2225967
10R1306 2225968
0R9350 2225972
3406E 0R9594 1705238
10R0956 2113022
10R0957 2113023
10R0958 2113024
10R1273 2490709
10R3265 2530616
C12 10R0960 2123460
10R0963 2123463
10R0968 2123466
10R1259 2123467
10R1258 2123468
C13 10R1274 2394908
C6.4 10R7675 3264700

*Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only