CTP offers a complete selection of Fuel line Assemblies for your equipment. Our fuel lines are made from the best materials, with specially designed high pressure steel fittings and adapters for a leak free connection. All fuel lines
are tested to work together as an assembly, ensuring a proper fit. We offer the best value product with OE form fit and function.

Features and Benefits
• Premium quality cold drawn seamless carbon steel tubing.
• Cold drawn process Increases strength allowing for 20% higher working pressures.
• Superior surface finish, connections are treated to prevent oxidation.
• CNC manufacturing process ensures precision and quality.
• Dimensional accuracy and excellent micro-structure uniformity.

Eng. Model Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 5 Line 6 Line 7 Line 8 Line 9 Line 10 Line 11 Line 12
3204 4N0471 4N0472 4N0473 4N0474
3208 9Y0231 9Y0232 9Y0233 9Y0234 9Y0235 9Y0236 9Y0237 9Y0238
3208 9Y0141 9Y0142 9Y0143 9Y0144 9Y0145 9Y0146 9Y0147 9Y0148
3408 6I0031 6I0032 6I0033 6I0034 6I0035 6I0036 6I0037 6I0038
3408 6I1021 6I1022 6I1023 6I1024 6I1025 6I1026 6I1027 6I1028
3408 6I1031 6I1032 6I1033 6I1034 6I1035 6I1036 6I1037 6I1038
3412 6N4731 6N4732 6N4733 6N4734 6N4735 6N4736 6N8637 6N4738 6N8979 6N4740 6N8641 6N8642
3412 4P7801 4P7802 4P7803 4P7804 4P7805 4P7806 4P7807 4P7808 4P7809 4P7810 4P7811 4P7812
3412 8N4201 8N4202 8N4203 8N4204 8N4205 8N4206 8N4207 8N4208 8N4209 8N4210 N/A 8N4212
3412C 6I1031 6I1032 6I1033 6I1034 1245945 6I1036 1245947 6I0038
D346, 772, 650B, 660B 2S4505 2S4506 2S4507 2S4508 2S4509 2S4510 2S4511 2P9574
D379, D398 1W9201 1W9202 1W9203 1W9204 1W9205 1W9206 1W9207 1W9208 1W9209 1W9210 1W9211 1W9212
D399 (1 THRU 8) 1W9191 1W9192 1W9193 1W9194 1W9195 1W9196 1W9197 1W9198
D399 (1 THRU 16) 1W9198 1W9197 1W9196 1W9195 1W9194 1W9193 1W9192 1W9191
3066 5I7707 5I7708 5I7709 5I7710 5I7711 5I7712

Fuel Line Assembly –

Eng. Model Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 5 Line 6
3054 1720051 1668797 1013890 1013891
3204 1W7121 1W7122 1W7123 1W7124
3204 7N6151 7N6152 7N6153 7N6154
3304 4N3281 4N3282 4N3283 4N3284
3304 4P9961 4P9962 4P9963 4P9964
3304 8L5661 7N3872 8L5663 8L5664
3304 7N2871 7N2872 8N9733 7N2874
3304 1W8641 8N4222 8N4223 8N4224
3306 2Y5721 2Y5722 2Y5723 2Y5724 2Y5725 2Y5726
3306 7N2871 7N3872 8N9733 7N2874 7N2876
3306 4N3281 4N3282 4N3283 4N8814 6N1965 6N1966
3306 4N9941 4N9942 4N9943 4N9944 4N9945 4N9946
3306 4P9381 4P9382 4P9383 4P9384 4P9385 4P9386
3306 4P9381 4P9382 1044253 1044254
3306 7C7991 7C7992 7C7993 7C7994 7C7995 N/A
3306 8L5691 8L5692 8L5693 8L5694 8L5695 8L5696
3306 8N1141 8N1142 8N1143 8N1144 8N1145 8N1146
3306 8N4371 8N4372 8N4373 8N4374 8N4375 8N4376
3306 6I0341 6I0342 6I0343 N/A 6I0345 6I0346
3306C 1003831 1003832 1003833 1003834 1003835 1003836
3406 4N9971 4N9972 4N9973 4N9974 4N9975 4N9976
3406 9Y1081 9Y1082 9Y1083 9Y1084 9Y1085 9Y1086
3406 1917941 1917942 1917943 1917944 1917945 1917946
D315, D330 4M1451 8M2042 4M1453 4M1454
D330 5S7211 8S4002 5S7213 5S7214
D330C 5S7211 5S7212 5S7213 5S7214
D333, 1673 7M4331 7M4332 2M6613 2M6614 2M6615 2M6616
D333C 5S7171 5S7172 5S7173 9S1230 5S7175 5S7176
D333C 1N5401 1N5402 1N5403 1N5404 1N5405 1N5406
D333C, 3306 8L5691 8L5692 8L5693 8L5694 2P8890 8L5696
D339 4H9691 4H9692 4H9693 4H9694
D342 4H9611 4H9612 4H9613 4H9614 4H9615 4H9616
D342 2P2651 2P2652 2P2653 2P2654 2P2655 2P2656
D342 7N791 7N792 2P2653 2P2654 2P2655 2P2656
D343 1S2081 1S2082 1S2083 1S2084 1S2085 1S2086
D343 8S9301 8S9302 8S9303 8S9304 8S9305 8S9306
D353 8N3451 8N3452 8N3453 8N3454 8N3455 8N3456

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.