CTP Gas Springs facilitate the opening and closing of doors, windows and hoods of machines or trucks. They can easily execute lifting or lowering tasks, and are useful to control the pressure of opening and closing heavy lid objects. To make your life simpler, CTP guarantees quality Gas Springs so you can peacefully execute your job with absolutely no concerns.

CTP Gas Springs –

Part No. Use Machine Model
1148861 Hood GP Engine 416D, 442D, 428D, 420D, 436C
1429287 Armrest 216B, 232B2, 242B2, 259B3, 247B3
1594269 Door GP-Cab 420E, 450E, 416E, 428E, 428F
8T7041 Cabine Door R2900G, R1600G, R1700G, R3000H, 446B, 924F

Other Gas Springs also Available:

Part No. Use Machine Model
1219748 Window GP – Cab 428C, 416C, 436C, 426C
1225762 Cabine GP M318, M315, M312, M320
1439434 Hood & Guard GP 924G & 924Gz, 988F
1439435 Hood & Guard GP 988F
1572193 Window GP – Cab 303.5, 304.5, 302.5, 301.5
2102518 Door GP-Hood IT28G, 928G
2102519 Door GP-Hood IT28G, 928G
2287696 Hood & Guard GP 928 USAF10K ATFL, 924H & 924Hz, 924G & 924Gz, 930G
3199510 Steering Column IT28G, 938, 938H, 914G, 924H