Gas Springs

Gas Springs

Gas springs are used in a variety of applications in machines, heavy equipment, and trucks. They aide in lifting, opening and closing of heavy doors, hatches, windows and hoods. CTP Gas Springs are maintenance-free, provide low friction and high reliability for many years of continuous use. CTP gas springs come assembled with ball socket end fittings ready-to-install. Ball socket ends rotate for easy alignment during installation. We offer a wide variety of direct-fit gas springs for many applications.

wdt_ID Part No. Use Machine Model
1 1137329 ENCLOSURE GP-STORAGE M312, M316C, M318, M320
2 1148861 HOOD GP ENGINE 416D, 442D, 428D, 420D, 436C
3 1151624 GUARD GP-OVERHEAD/ GUARD GP-FRONT WINDOW 320, 320L, 320N, 322, 325, 325C, 325B, 325L, 325LN, 330L, 345B II, 350, 375, 375A, 375L
4 1166325 ENCLOSURE GP-ENG/GUARD GP-FAN/DOOR GP/SUPPORT GP M315, M315C, M316C, M318, M318C, M318D, M322C, M322D,
5 1166326 ENCLOSURE GP-STORAGE/ WALKWAY GP/ ENCLOSURE GP-ENG M315, M315C, M316C, M318, M318C, M318D, M322C, M322D,
6 1219748 WINDOW GP – CAB 428C, 416C, 436C, 426C
7 1225762 CABIN GP M318, M315, M312, M320
8 1429287 ARMREST GP 216, 216B, 216B3, 226B, 226B3, 228, 232B, 236, 236B, 236B3, 242B, 242B3, 247, 247B, 247B3, 248, 252B, 252B3, 257B, 257B3, 259B3, 267, 267B, 268B, 287
9 1439434 HOOD & GUARD GP 924G, 924GZ, 988F II
10 1439435 HOOD & GUARD GP 988F

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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