Now at CTP, Gear Pumps for Komatsu for a variety of applications.

Komatsu Gear Pumps

Part No.DescriptionMachine Model
704-24-24420ENGINE OILPC100, PC120, PC200
705-11-32210HYDRAULICD61E, WA150, WA180, FD80
705-11-38010HYDRAULICD70LE-12, D60P, D65E
705-52-40130HYDRAULICWA450, WA470
705-51-20070HYDRAULICWA300, WA320, WA180
705-51-30290HYDRAULICD155AX-5, D155A-3
14X-49-11600ENGINE OILD60P, D61EX, D63E
175-13-23500HYDRAULICD355A, D65S, D85A, D85E
705-11-33210HYDRAULICD65PX, D85E
705-41-01200HYDRAULICD61E, D65E, D70LE, D85E
705-41-01050HYDRAULICD155A, D65P, D85E
705-51-30190HYDRAULICD85A-21C, D85E, D85P-21
705-11-34011OIL TRANSMISSIONWA120, GD705A, 512
705-21-32051OIL TRANSMISSIOND85A, D85C, D85E, D85P
705-51-20480OIL TRANSMISSIONWA300, WA320
705-22-40070OIL TRANSMISSIONWA400, WA420, WA450, WA470
07433-71103OIL TRANSMISSIOND135A, D155A, D85A
07440-72202OIL TRANSMISSIOND150A, D155A, D155C
705-51-20370POWER LINED65PX, D70LE, D85E
07436-72202STEERINGD85A-21, D135A-2
07442-71102STEERINGD355A-3, D355C-3
07432-71203STEERINGD65A-6, D65S-6, D85P
711-50-41120TORQUE CONVERTERWA350, WA380
07430-72203TRANSMISSIOND65A, D65S-6
705-58-44050HYDRAULICD375A-3, D375A-3D, D375A-5, D375A-5D

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only. Komatsu® is the registered trademark of Komatsu Ltd.