Gears for Komatsu

Gears for Komatsu

Minimize wear, vibration and noise on your excavators, bulldozers and other machinery with our CTP Gears for Komatsu. Easily reverse the direction of rotation, transmit rotational motion to a different axis and maximize the efficiency of power transmission.

wdt_ID Part No. Description Machine Model
1 704-24-24420 ENGINE OIL PC100, PC120, PC200
2 705-11-32210 HYDRAULIC D61E, WA150, WA180, FD80
3 705-11-38010 HYDRAULIC D70LE-12, D60P, D65E
4 705-52-40130 HYDRAULIC WA450, WA470
5 705-51-20070 HYDRAULIC WA300, WA320, WA180
6 705-51-20300 HYDRAULIC WA250
7 705-51-30290 HYDRAULIC D155AX-5, D155A-3
8 14X-49-11600 ENGINE OIL D60P, D61EX, D63E
9 175-13-23500 HYDRAULIC D355A, D65S, D85A, D85E
10 705-11-33210 HYDRAULIC D65PX, D85E

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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