The CTP Grease Gun kit has everything you need
to lubricate your machine, all conveniently packed
in one portable case.
The newly improved CTP grease gun now features a
Piston Lock that eliminates the pressure that causes
grease to spill while it is not in use.

Other features of our Grease Gun Kit are:
1. A TWIN-LOCK-System Grease Gun that ensures
the grease reaches the lubrication point to avoid
dummy lubrication.
2. One high pressure hose that connects the grease
gun to the lubrication point.
3. An extension tube that allows you to adjust the
bent connector to the desire pointing direction.
4. An assortment of the 5 most popular sizes of
interchangeable fittings.

Suitcase Style Grease Gun Kit

Part No.Description
CTP8F9866Grease Gun Kit