CTP thermo-laminated heat shields absorb the excesive heat produced by the engine and protect heat sensitive components in the machine.

Part No.DescriptionMachine Model
1035419SHIELD A120H, 135H, 140H, 143H, 160H
1140915SHIELD AS631E, 631G, 633, 637G
1140917SHIELD AS631E, 631G, 633, 637G, D9R
1265057SHIELD AS631E, 631G, 633, D9R
8N1620SHIELD AS631E, 657E, D8L
8N1622SHIELD AS631E, 657E, D8L
1N3300SHIELD AS631E, 657E, D9R, D10
8N1594SHIELD AS631E, 657E, D9R, D10
8N1616SHIELD631E, 657E, D9R, D10
8N1619SHIELD631E, 657E, D9R, D10
1265056SHIELD AS631E/G, 633E, 637G, 651E, 657E, D10R, D9R
8N2258SHIELD637G, 657E, D9R
8N2368SHIELD AS637G, 657E, D9R
Part No.DescriptionMachine Model
1309117SHIELD AS651E, 657E, D10R
1W6183SHIELD AS-MANIFOLD651E, 657E, D9L, D10
1W6184SHIELD651E, 657E, D9L, D11
1W6185SHIELD AS651E, 657E, D9L, D12
1W6186SHIELD651E, 657E, D9L, D13
8G7194SHIELD AS943, 953
1W0460SHIELD AS – RH990, 992C, 992D
1W0464SHIELD AS – LH990, 992C, 992D
1W0466SHIELD AS – LH990, 992C, 992D
1W0458SHIELD AS – RH990, 992C, 992D
4P3306SHIELD-HEATD6R, 160G, 966F
1268525SHIELD AS – LHD9R

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.