Automatic, electronic lift kickout and bucket positioners allow the operator to concentrate on positioning the machine rather than the bucket, resulting in higher efficiency for greater productivity. CTP has magnetic switches available for most Wheel and Track type loaders.

The advantages of CTP electronic magnetic switches:

  • Reliable
  • Insensitive to vibration
  • Bounce-free switching
  • High repeat accuracy
  • Rapid response times
  • High sensitivity
  • Temperature-stable
Part No.Machine Model
3E0461769D, 771D, 773D/E, 775D/E, 784B, 785B, 789B, 793B/C, 963BLGP, 992C, 994
9X4393994, 992C
3E5493950F, 950FII, 966F, 960F, 970F, 980F/G
9X9509950F, 950FII, 960F, 966F, 966FII, 970F, 980F
3E7843420D, 420EIT, 428D/E, 430EIT, 432D/E, 434E, 442D/E, 444E, 910F, 914G, 924F/H/HZ, 924G/GZ, 928G/GZ/ HZ, 930G/H, 938F/G, 988F, 990H, 992D, IT12F, IT14G, IT18F, IT28G, IT38G/F
3E7844910F/G, 914G/G2, 924G/GZ, 928G/GZ, 930G/H, 938F/G/H, 938GII, 950G, 962G/GII, 966G/GII, 972GII, 980GII, 988F, 990H, 992D, IT14F, IT14G2, IT24F, IT28G, IT38F/G, IT62G, 950GII, 972G, 980H, IT12F, IT38H, IT18F, D6R
1765459910G, 938G/H, 938GII, 994F, 950GII, 962G, 962GII, 966G, 966GII, 972G, 972GII, 980GII, 980H, 986H, IT38G/H, IT62G/H, D6RXL, D6R
1458670938G, 938GII, 950G, 962G, 966G, 972G, 980G, IT38G, IT62G

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions.
Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.