Oil Seals

Oil Seals

Keep dirt and debris from entering the systems on your machine with high quality CTP Oil Seals.

Oil Seals

1 68011 SEAL 225, 235, 245, 613, 613B, 613C, 613C II, CB-634D, D250D
2 551986 SEAL-LIP TYPE 416C, 416D, 420D, 424D, 426C, 428C, 428D, 430D, 432D, 436C, 438C, 438D, 442D
3 640230 SEAL-LIP TYPE 936, 936F, 938F, 938G, 938G II, 938H, 938K, CS-643, G936, IT38F, IT38G, IT38G II, IT38H
4 931379 SEAL, DUST 345B II, 345C, E120, E140, E180, E240, E240C, E300, E300B, E450, EL240B
5 964376 SEAL-LIP TYPE 311C, 313D2 LGP, 315C, 315D L, 316E L, 318B, 318C, 318D L, 318D2 L, 318E L, 319C, 319D, 319D L, 319D LN, 320 L, 320B, 320B FM LL, 320B L, 320C, 320C FM, 320C L, 320D, 320D FM, 320D FM RR, 320D GC
6 964411 SEAL-LIP TYPE 318B, 320, 320 L, 320B, 320B FM LL, 320B L, 320C FM, 320D, 320N, 321C, 321D LCR, 322, 322B, 328D LCR, E200B, E300B
7 964443 SEAL-LIP TYPE 1190T, 1290T, 2391, 2491, 318B, 320, 320 L, 320B, 320B L, 320N, 522, 522B, 532, 552, 552 2, E200B, TK722, TK732, TK752
8 967567 SEAL 311, 311B, 311C, 312B, 312C, 312C L, 313B, 314C, 318C, 319C, 320 L, 320B, 320B FM LL, 320C, 320C FM, 320C L, 320D, 320D LRR, 321C, 323D L, 323D LN, E110, E110B, E120B, E200B, E450
9 990321 SEAL-LIP TYPE 311, 311B, 311C, 311D LRR, 312, 312B, 312B L, 312C, 312C L, 312D, 312D L, 312D2, 312D2 GC, 312D2 L, 312E, 312E L, 313B, 313D, 313D2, 313D2 LGP, 314C, 314D CR, 314D LCR, 314E CR, 314E LCR, 315, 315B
10 1043153 SEAL-LIP TYPE D9R, D9T

Oil Seals for Komatsu

1 07012-10075 SEAL, OIL KOMATSU 545, CS360, CS360SD, D40A, D40PL, D41A, D41E, D41E6T, D41P, D41PF, D50A, D50P, D50PL, D50S, D53S, D61E, D61EX, D61PX, D65E, D65EX, D65P, D65PX, D68ESS, D70LE, D85E, D85ESS, GC380, GC380F
2 07012-10110 SEAL KOMATSU 330M, 568, D135A, D155A, D155C, D355C, D375A, D60P, D61E, D61EX, D61PX, D63E, D65E, D65EX, HD325, HD405, HD785
3 07012-50085 SEAL KOMATSU D60P, D61E, D61EX, D61PX, D63E, D65E, D65EX, D65P, D65PX, D65WX, D68ESS, D70LE, D85E, D85ESS
4 144-15-29110 SEAL, OIL KOMATSU D135A, D155A, D155AX, D155C, D275A, D355C, D375A, D45A, D45P, D45S, D53A, D53P, D53S, D57S, D58E, D58P, D60P, D61E, D61EX
5 6127-71-1190 SEAL KOMATSU 6D125E, S6D125, S6D125E, S6D155, S6D170, S6D170E, SA6D125E, SA6D170, SA6D170E
6 6150-61-2540 SEAL KOMATSU 6D125, SAA6D125E, SAA6D170E
7 705-17-02830 SEAL, OIL KOMATSU 512, 518, BATTERY, D31EX, D31PX, D37EX, D37PX, D39EX, D39PX, D41E, D41P, D61EX, D61EXI, D61PX, D61PXI, D63E, D65EX, D65PX, D65WX, D85A, D85C, D85E, D85P, GD555, GD655, GD675, HM400, KOMTRAX, PC1100
8 705-17-03810 SEAL, OIL KOMATSU 520B, 530, 530B, 540, 540B, 545, 558, 560B, BP500, D135A, D155A, D155AX, D275AX, D355C, D475A, D60P, D61E, D61EX, D63E, D65E, D65P, D66S, D68ESS, D70LE, D85A, D85E, D85ESS, D85EX, D85P, D85PX, F4EC
9 706-7E-11280 SEAL, OIL KOMATSU BP500, BR100J, BR100JG, BR100R, BR100RG, BR200J, BR200R, BR200S, BR300J, BR310JG, BR380JG, JT150, PC150, PC180, PC180L, PC200, PC220, PC228, PC228US, PC240, PC270, PC290, PC308, PC600, PC650, PC700

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.

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