CTP Pad Assemblies –

CTP isolation pads decrease vibration and noise transmission, therefore significantly reducing the harmful effects of vibration that may cause serious impairment to workers and the overall effectiveness of the equipment.

• Pads are resistant to oil and solvents
• Isolate vertical and horizontal forces
• Control vibration, shock and noise
• Extend life of equipment

Part No.DescriptionMachine
1068223PAD A W/OUT SHIMAD40, AD45, 769/B, 769C, 771C/D, 773B/D, 775/B
1642465PAD12G/H/H NA/H ES, 14G/H/H NA, 16H/H NA, 120G/H/H NA/H ES, 130G, 135H/H NA, 140G/H/H NA/H ES, 143H, 160H/H NA/H ES, 163H/H NA
2136184PAD AS.D11T, D11R
2136185PAD AS.D11T, D11R
2136186PAD AS.D11T, D11R
2137322PAD AS.D9L, D10R, D10T
3P2482PAD AD11N, D11R
6P4327PADD7F, D7G, D7H
6T0952PADD8H, D8K
6T0956PADD6C, D6D, D6D SR, D6F DR
6T0960PADD7F, D7G
6T8907PAD AD6C, D6D, D6D SR, D6F DR
6Y7795PAD AD7H
Part No.DescriptionMachine
6Y7796PAD AD7H
6Y9508PAD ASD8N, D8R, D8R II, D8T
6Y9509PAD ASD8N, D8R, D8R II, D8T
7G2704PAD AD9L, D10R, D10T
7T4700PAD AD8N, D8R, D8R II, D8T, VFS50, VFS70
7T5419PAD AD9N, D9R, D9T, 574
7T5510PAD AD8L, 578
7T5959PAD ASSYD9L, D10N, D10R, D11N, D11R, 589
8G8378PAD A943, 953
8P2697PADD9E, D9G
8Y8679PAD AD6R, 416B/C, 426B/C, 436B/C, 446B
9G1696PAD AD8L, D9N, D9R
9G1697PAD AD8L, D9N, D9R
9W7599PAD AD11R
9W7800PAD AD11R, D11N

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only.