reversible fans for heavy equipment, tractors

Reversible fans can be used to free the radiator of debris, keeping the engine cooler and running more efficiently. As a result, this prolongs the life of the engine.

1. With the engine off, the ignition locked in the off position, and any required guarding removed, you are now ready to reverse your fan. There is a pink “DANGER” tag provided with your fan that should also be fastened to the ignition switch panel.

4. Once the blade is rotated fully to the desired position, the blade will “spring” outward and lock itself into place. Now the blade will not be able to be turned around without pushing it inward again. The reversing of one blade is now complete; continue to reverse the remaining blades so that they are all in the same position.

2. Individually reverse each blade by simply pushing inward (towards the hub) to compress the spring and then begin to rotate the blade; it should only turn in one direction.

5. Now that all of the blades have been reversed, the fan will force the air in the opposite direction. You are now ready to re-install the guarding, unlock the ignition switch, and continue operating the equipment with increased comfort.

3. Once the blade begins to rotate, you no longer need to keep pushing inward; continue to turn the blade toward the desired position.

Reversible Fans

Part No.Machine Model
1251362D6R, D6T, D7H & D7HLGP, D8N
1479672D8K, 583K, 983B/D

Standard Fans

Part No.Machine Model
1188458D7R, D8R
1197864938G, IT38G, 950G, 120H, 135H, IT62G, 962G
1200300M318, M320
1265975416C, 416D
1786578320C/C L/C LN, 318C L/C LN, 319C LN, 320C U/C LU
194704912H, 120H, 14H, 140H, 140H NA, 135H, 160H, 163H
2040910320C, 320CL, 320CLN, 330C, 330CL, 330CLN
2459343320D, 320D L, 321D LCR
2459344320D/D2, 320D L, 320D LN, 323D, 323D L, 321D
2501911583T, 587T, D8R, D8T
1N81733304/B, 3306, 3512, G3408, G333C, D333C
1P7936235B, 235C, 235D, 627B
1S0572D8H, D8
1W7940D6H, D6HLGP, D6H-XL, D6H-LS, D6H-XR
2P2521CS-573/C, CS-533/C, CS-531, CS-583/C,
CP-533, CP-563C
2P890712G, 120G, 14G, 130G, 160G
2S4638633C, 637, 988, D8H
4I7592320, 320L, 320N
4N3092C9, 350, 350L
4N33393406, 3408B/C/E, 3412/C/E, 3508, C15, C18, C27, C32, 3516, D379/B
4N8344955, G936, 936E, D5B
4N843416H, 16G, 621B
4N8871D4D, D4H, D4H-XL, D4H-LPG, 517, IT18B, IT28B, 916, 926E/F, D4E, G926
4W0255973, 966D, D6R, D7H
5I7894317, 318BL & BLN
5I8000320, 320L, 320N, 315C, 315CL
5M5880D5, 950, 951, 955

Standard Fans – Cont’

Part No.Machine Model
5S1421966C, D7E
5S9897D4D, 561, 574
6I1363910, 931
6I1364IT12, 931C, 935B/C, D3C, D3C-LGP, 931B, 910, D3, D4B, D4C, D4C-LGP, G910, D3B
6N2687C15, C16, C18, R1600/G/H, R1700, R2900, 980C/F, TH35-C151, 826C, 983B
6N5339534B, 836, 988B
7E3557R1700G, 815F, D7R, 966F, 572R, 814F, 970F, R2900, 966
7N0476963, 950B
7N8253924F, 924F, D5H, IT24F
7S0542920, 930, 350, D4, D5
7S0544D6C, 613C, D5B, 955L
7S0545627, 875, 966
7S0546966, 966C, 966R, 977L,
8N0036235B, 235C, 235D, 627B
9N6010322C, 325
9S9696D7, D7F, D7G, 572G


Part No.Machine Model
1P7763D6C, D6D, D6F
1P7764D6C, D6D, D6G